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WHy Does George Snufflupagus save all his good questions for the powerless? from TJDS on TYT

George Stephanopoulos had some hard-hitting for Dennis Rodman on his trip to North Korea and on his friendship with Kim Jong-Un. How could he be friends with someone with such an awful human rights record?? Well, how can you be friends with war criminals, George? Comedian Jimmy Dore and political analyst Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show

The Jimmy Dore Show on The Young Turks

Love the show Jim. You are now my favorite lefty. Lofty brother lofty! On your show, you were pimpin’ clips of you and Ben. I’ve searched your site and youtube channel, but only found this one (Rodman). Where exactly can I find these nugs of hilarity?

Anyway, thanks for the comedy and well directed anger! And good luck with your new furball. No… I’m not talking about your wife. Geeesh…what’s wrong with you.