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The Jimmy Dore Show 12-8-11

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 8, 2011
This Week:

Jerry Sandusky, lets us know he’s really attracted to young people, but its nothing to worry about.

Herman Cain calls in, makes us laugh.

Rick Perry calls in and makes us laugh and feel pity.

Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank encore presentation!

With: Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Robert Yasumura, Jim HIghtower

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What a great Rip Torn impression… love it!

Jimmy Bean!

Why isn’t anybody (TYT, Amy Goodman, RealNews, etc. The good guys) talking about this?
“Mr Attorney General We Believe You’re With Holding Documents! Congressman Issa”

Here is a great example of someone in congress doing their job. This is how congress should conduct a meeting because it’s the first time I have witnessed a person brought to testify is not allowed to run out the clock of the questioners. Issa goes to the heart of the problem and tried to get holder to testify under oath, plus threatened a subpoena. He also call out Holder’s lies and I hope will hold him accountable.

However, as much a I liked the Issa in this clip let’s not be naive. Here we happen to see his motives aligned with reality. If Holder was a republican or it served Issa’s interest in any way, Issa could just as easily had given Holder a pat on the back for looking forward and not backwards (especially on the ongoing financial crisis).

Thanks for the show Jimmy, I’m a big fucking fan. Why not do more TYT? Maybe replace Michael Sure?

Did Trump really to the Wharton School of business or he the only clown that BARNUM & BAILEY won’t take credit for?

Boss unrepentant Newt hypocrite Gangrene: Kids working at the age he talks about are differentiated from “rich” by one thing, inheritance. Inheritance has become a forbidden word in the mainstream media even more that Carlin’s seven words.

Mr. FN’s comment brings up the point that the Republican Party is the subject of House Bill HR-999, which will outlaw the Republican Party as being “the biggest threat to humanity since the German Nazi Party,” forbidding anyone from joining it, mentioning it, or contemplating its unbelievable nonsense. We just can’t stand another day of such idiotic bile targeting the poor, the environment, the planet, Mexican people, women, readers, grandmothers, organic apple pie.
HR-999 will also pave the way for a real alternative to the discredited Democratic Party, currently cowering beneath a Luntz pole somewhere in Encino.

Carlo Mencia, I agree completely but maybe you should make the bill apply the democrats as well. The democrats are also pushing for more endless wars and a police state.

Why only two parties? This guy has a good explanation.

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained

The Alternative Vote Explained

in today’s podcast when talking about Frank Luntz’s manipulation of the language you used the term ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ instead of torture as one example. Unfortunately, you can’t blame ol’ Frank Luntz for that, the term actually came directly from the Nazi playbook – unbefreakinglievable.

Where is the interview you couldn’t play on the radio?

Hey Bobby,

SHITBALLS! I forgot to put it in, thanks for the heads up, it will be in this weeks show! My apologies.

Lori, that is very sad. It just doesn’t get any worse than that.

ANd I was on the TYT on Current today and my mic did not work. Cenk’s dad said it smelled like a conspiracy. I with him.

Awe shit Jimmy. I just saw the clip. That’s too bad. TYT has a lot of fuck ups like that, but its part of their charm. From an outside observer and biased fan these problems hint at a focus on content rather than presentation.

Jimmy, The word you were looking for mid-podcast was “equate,” not “equivocate.” “Equivocate” is what the Democratic Party seems to be all about – giving no answers or misleading answers.

Yeah, I know that’s dickish of me to point that out, but when you’re a social critic, your SAT level better be up to par – I mean when you point out the foibles of others, better be ready.

“Voluntary Head Trauma” HA! Sounds like a Punk Rock Band.

Frank Luntz is not really scared of OWS. He just wants the suckers that watch him to be afraid.