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Faith healing didn’t work, lady complains.

So here is a faithful lady who received a faith healing from Pat Robertson for pain in her knees, but the pain came back and she writes to complain.

First of all, you  think that maybe the pain in her knees is being  caused by too much praying?

But  don’t worry, Robertson  does the right thing and lets her know it’s her own damn fault. He explains that she must’ve done something wrong, and tells her she needs to ” receive it, stand on it, take it, and praise God for it”  …  Yeah, and if that doesn’t work, try Advil.

essay on school uniforms

Robertson goes on to blame Satan also, because thats a cause you can never verify.  But I say how could Satan have caused the pain in this lady’s knees when he is so  busy telling Obama how to destroy America?

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Since I love the Jimmy Dore show so much and it is definitely one of my favorite podcasts, I thought I’d comment on the tiny imperfection in this post. You are assuming the faithful is a lady, but to the best of my knowledge, Razvan is a male (Romanian) name. It’s true that despite being always subdued by religion, women tend to be more superstitious and pious than men and revere the very church and god that chains and oppresses them, but in this case the person with bad knees is most definitely a man.