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Jimmy Dore Show Podcast 10-26-12

The Jimmy Dore Show Oct 26, 2012


This Week:

:05  Opening Rant about the most recent and last of three presidential debates.

6:23 Drunk Bill Oreilly calls in.

John Heilemann

7:14  The Media's failure to inform the public about the off-the-charts cravenness of the Republican nominee for president, David Feldman disagree's and it gives me a chance to rant about how broken the news media is. 

15:54 Blame the American People!   Why is the electorate is uninformed and who we should point the finger at.

18:02 Abortion or the Economy?  We break down why people who say women vote more on the economy than abortion are pushing a false choice.

Bill Oreilly.

18:36 Drunk Bill Oreilly call #2

19:23 Donald Trump in makes phony offer to give $5million to charity for Pres. Obama's college and passport records.

20:05TRUMP in STUDIO!! Donald Trump stops by the studio to say hilariously transparent and ignorant stuff.

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Drone Killing

30:00 Chris Christie called me after the FIRST debate but never played the call, so here it is.

32:04 Drone Strikes aka “indiscriminate killing of innocent people without trial”  almost never gets any press time. Joe Klein defends killing Arab 4 year olds with drones cuz “it saves American Lives”. 

43:06 Mourning Remembrances: Jim Earl reads a hilarious obituary of The inventor of the Oreo Cookie. 

47:21:Drunk Bill Oreilly call # 3!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

48:32 Voter Suppression gets explained by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the View as a “tricky situation”, meaning the republicans are magicians when it comes to suppressing the vote of likely democratic voters.

53:43: Drunk Bill Oreilly call #4!

Nov. 3rd The Improv in West Hollywood 8pm see you there!!!

Written by Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura, Jim Earl, Stef Zamorano

With Ben Zelevansky, David Feldman


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Wow, Feldman was such a concern troll on this episode. Literally no one was making the argument that most Americans are stupid, and Feldman just went off the rails about “knuckle draggers” and a bunch of other strawman nonsense that he himself brought up.

The very idea Feldman brought up, that people don’t care which side Romney is on on abortion, is WAY more condescending than anything Dore or anyone else said. Feldman apparently feels comfortable telling people their most deeply held beliefs aren’t actually all that important to them. The question is raised: if “everyone knows that Romney is a liar”, then why are people voting for him? Racism? His hairstyle? Now THAT’S condescending, Feldman.

All that could be forgiven if you’d literally ever been funny, ever, once, on this show. Otherwise, take your shouting and condescension over to Fox News.

David… I’m not sure if he was being serious or what but he really pissed me off this episode! The media hasn’t done its job at all for the past three elections. David Feldman was wrong on both accounts. Not only is the media going to throw this election for Romney by not practicing journalism, but the electorate is going to let them and not care. Even though we have the internet, limitless information, we still don’t have an informed electorate. We are still gonna have 50% of voters that don’t know SHIT about Romney and all they know about Obama is that he’s black and he happens to be black at the same time their house is being foreclosed on. SO David, its thanks to jerks like you (on the left) that we are going to have a president Romney and a war with Iran. If your type of liberals are going to pretend like everyone watching the debates is informed, as if they know that Syria is not Iran’s route to the sea, if we have people like you that assume everyone knows what Citizen-united is, if we have people like you that think people actually understand that CONGRESS passes laws and not the president (I’m serious about this, why do you think they call it Obamacare?), then we’ve already lost. NO ONE follows politics, no one listens to your podcast David and if an undecided, swing-state voter did, they wouldn’t know what you’re talking about 99% of the time. The only thing that the vast majority of voters (specifically in swing-states) are going to see are the carpet-bombing of (false) political ads and the debates and Fox News. If Obama doesn’t call Romney on his bullshit during the debates, Joe Blow is gonna think that Romney is telling the truth; the same way he thinks Romney is just an ordinary Christian like himself. How many people do you think watched Solodad O’Brian take down the Romney surrogates one-by-one? Probably none in Florida or Ohio.

The electorate is MISS-informed not cynical. That’s why we HAVE show’s like Jimmy Dore’s and like Rachel Maddow’s because those of us with half a brain need someone to keep us sane while half of the country (arguably a little more) give the keys back to the drunk teenagers who drove us off the cliff four years ago. It’s not that I’m smarter than them, it has nothing to do with me being “condescending” to them but has everything to do with thinking about the future and wanting to know more and know the truth for Christ’s sake because people seem to be under the impression that Politics is a hobby and its not for everyone as if somehow if you ignore it, it won’t effect you. Everyday I try to put more information out there and turn someone with no knowledge (other than Fox News)to someone that has enough information to make an informed choice about this election because the MEDIA is not doing it and the people themselves, even though they HAVE THE INTERNET, aren’t going to do it. Fox News (which most people watch, usually because its all they have) is not going to tell people the truth, its going to do whatever it takes to get the most soul-less human being alive, Willard Romney, elected.
In conclusion, thanks David Feldman for letting us know why more than half of my friends, family, and neighbors are voting for Romney. I guess its not the fact that they think Obama is a Muslim who lies more than Romney and is secretly gay married and wants to give live-abortions to women frequently. No, it must be because they think Romney is more “presidential” than Obama because he can lie better and can pander better. You know what David? If you think they electorate is so well-informed and that they just think that the tough, liar is the best man for president, then do us all a favor and don’t do a podcast.

by the way, I’m not trying to be like Joe in China. I know that David may have been being sarcastic when he was talking about the knuckle draggers but I also know that that’s what people think, namely Republicans.

Feldman turns up the heat – literally!
Scoring the knuckle-up, I’d give it to comic maestro Feldman, by a knuckle. Going after Heileman for saying I’m not sure what was just a whiff by Messer Dore, and Feldman’s ripsote gave the show a jolt of Gilmartian energy – though the boys were on fire with some cherche riffs the rest of the rapid-fire way, including the pounded on “young man,” Zelivansky.
As part of the nationwide Jimmy Dore Show craze sweeping the podcast nation, there is drinking game now in car pools – whenever Feldman invokes “Frank!” in some sort of taunting way. Two shows now, multiple shots.

Jimmy Dore was ON FIRE in this episode. He shut Feldman down with his comfortable, arm-chair liberalism that seeks to protect faux journalists he’s fond of, so he doesn’t have to face the fact that the media is utterly bought and pointless.