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Jimmy Dore Show podcast 12-27-13

The Jimmy Dore Show 12-27- 2013


Stuff Happened This Year & We Make Fun Of It!


Look back at some stories that caught our eye this past year.


With Frank Conniff, Jim earl, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Steve Rosenfield, Stef Zamorano.

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Thank you for this awesome clip show. I hope your book is going well and you finish it soon. I can’t wait for you to talk about your book more.

I love you guys. All of your podcasts are hilarious. I love them so much.

Thank you for the premium content I was assuming you were going to skip it again. That would have been very understandable. You should be focusing on your book. I hope you finish it soon. Bestest luck with your book. Thank you for this premium content.

I just thought of what you should call it to piss off FOX “news” more then ever. It should be a winter solstice present. I hope you feel better soon. John Green also has a lot of horrible things happen to him when he writes. Writing is also his job.

Jimmy and friends: Happy New Year and thank you so much for everything that you do! Listening to a new episode of your podcast is one of the things I look forward to on a weekly basis (I hate it when KPFK skips your show during their fund drives). Best of luck on your book and I hope to catch your stand-up show in 2014!

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