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Jimmy Dore Show PODCAT december 16, 2016



More Stuff Happened & We Make Fun Of It!

Barrack Obama Calls In!
Rick Perry Calls In!
Bernie Sanders Calls In!
Trump’s Secretary of State and Russia
The CIA are liars
Voice of Blue Collar Workers

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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It’s Bill Hicks’ 55 birthday. The guy talked about all kinds of politics, and was out there in the middle of the chaos during the Branch Davidian shit.

Any thoughts on what he left behind, as far as setting the bar for honesty and being a risk taking, shit talking original motherfucking icon of comedy?

Loved the Premium content this week!
Thanks for doing so many of them for us.

I grew up in Claremont oddly enough. I live nearby those cities he mentioned in Upland.

Love your show, But some evidence is coming out it was people in Russia or the actual Russian govt.

Just curious, You are making a bunch of videos saying it has nothing to do with Russians yet many Security firms are saying it is them or atleast a group of Russian people doing this.

If it was just one guy who leaked this information, why do they have forensic evidence showing that Russian IP Addresses penetrated the DNC?

I’m just curios, I have no clue and don’t read too far into it. Just waiting for the real proof to come out. But, From What I’ve read, their servers were breached by either a group of Russian hackers or the evil smug looking Putin himself. I’m reading so much conflicting stuff.
Here is a link to a breakdown of it, which is one of many…

What do you think of this information?

Stef. I still love my bodysuits for barre class. You did kind of ruin them for me though by calling them a onesy. Mainly because I have a few that need to go over my head and then button. I love the long sleeve ones so it looks like a sweater but makes it so I don’t really have to do anything to get dressed. Mostly use it for barre class but I was going to wear my red one to a Christmas party. I have green sweatpants I was going to wear with it. It was just to snowy to go :(. I even bought one that my mom made fun of because it was very kutesywoostie child like. It is white with Popsicles on it. I thought it was adorable. A little tighter fit then I would have liked I wish I bought it as M. The S works okay though. I can fit into XS so the S was like that I just prefer bigger.

I am way to obsessed with bodysuits.


It was great hearing from Gov. Rick Perry! Talk about life
imitating art, you folks absolutely nailed it back in Jan 2016 when ‘Rick Perry’ told you of his desire to become Secretary of Energy despite his avowed intention during his campaign to eliminate the DoE altogether:

I’m sure he will be calling your show in the future once he
figures out what the DoE actually does and just how in over his head he really is.

Many rational people may still be bewildered by some of
President-elect Trump’s cabinet selections. Why put people in charge of large government departments when those very same people are diametrically opposed to the department’s existence? As you know, before Thomas Frank wrote ‘Listen Liberal,’ he wrote a book called ‘The Wrecking Crew – How Conservatives Rule’ that explains this apparent paradox. Here’s a link for your interested listeners to him discussing this book back in 2007:

It would be amazing if you could get Mr. Frank on your show for an interview. I know you and he would have lots to discuss that would make for excellent listening.


I think what people are saying now is Russia hacked us, but, someone from the DNC leaked this information. I’m not sure If I can believe that 100%. Someone on the inside hacked their system and released it to wikileaks, Russia is a piece of crap who hacks everything, like we do also.

It’s still up in the air, but there sure as fuck is no way anyone can trust the CIA because all they want is a boogeyman.

All I know is,
reddit, r/the_donald hacked my account after getting banned for posting one comment on there. They then used my account and thousands of others to upvote their propaganda stories.
It’s actually a coordinated effort from the right wing to put out propaganda. It’s happening all over the internet. 4chan has alot to do with this and I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia is using their paid troll army to help out Trump’s campaign.

Imo, It’s multiple sources of hacking and propaganda to discredit the USA and the DNC. Which needed to be discredited anyways. The bad part of all this will be what the result of Trump being President is. He’s fuckin insane. It’s just going to be interesting to see how all this turns out. Trump will obviously never admit to any fault because He’s a narcissist, He will just lie non-stop for whatever obtains his own gains.

Russia is obviously a joke to everyone, they have no sway over us or the world. Putin is just a dictator sticking his thumb in our eye.

Jimmy is correct in pointing out the Democrat mistakes and how on earth those idiots can’t realize they fucked up horribly is beyond me. They literally are trying to spin the propaganda to their favor. Not going to happen. No one likes you. I’m so glad Hillary isn’t President. It would’ve been 4 more years of lib this lib that, when she’s a fuckin republican.

Lacking a true progressive, Bernie Sanders is as far to the right as I can go and still look at myself in the mirror, Trump will be doing us all a favor by exposing this country for what it is. All the Dems do is to try and put a smiley face on the rotten system they shill for, so let’s get it all out in the open and see whether we rise up and crush it, or just roll over and go back to reality TV and fast food as our escape mechanisms as the corporations take over everything.

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