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“Mr. Romney says the “Very Poor” are doing Great!

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Thats right, he’s worried about the 90 to 95% of americans who are struggling, and apparently that doesn’t include the “very poor” , cuz they’re doing great!

Nope, not worried about the “very poor”,  cuz, we all know who makes out like bandits during a depression,  the poor!

But do you know who isn’t doing well and needs help? It would be the people who have more money than the “very Poor” and are sitting above the “very poor” on the economic ladder, the middle class.

Thats right, you think being “very poor” is tough?  Well try getting a better house and more money and then you will know the meaning of struggle.

At least the reporter pushed back a tinsy bit before letting his bullshit about the very poor doing swimmingly go out over the air.

Am I out of my mind, but he did just say that the people who are really hurting are not the very poor, but the people with more money and better incomes? Those are the people that are hurting, the people who are above the “very poor” on the economic ladder.  Got it.  Way to connect!!

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Let them eat government cheesecake!

You know the scary thing here? He doesn’t care about the poor. Obama thinks the poor are fine too as he doesn’t mention them and both of them are giving lip service to the Middle Class. Well, at least Obama REMEMBERS being middle class. Remember the War on Poverty? Looks like the Poor lost.

Ah, Jimmy, the show is just not the same without Frank. Hope he’s back next week.

Speaking of next week, Jimmy, I’d love to hear Rip Torn commenting on the Mo’-Con-na Illuminati spectacular half time show (love that Baphomet!). I thought that was going to be a regular feature.

Perhaps your forum could cover the fact that the NDAA was signed on New Year’s Eve, and increased domestic drone use was announced around the frenzy of the Stupor Bowl. What’s next? Opening up the FEMA camps on the 4th of July?

Hey, I spoke too soon, Jimmy. I was still listening to the podcast and Rip came on as I was typing the previous comment. My apologies.