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Paula Dean show us how to make a “Donut-Burger”!

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So you are telling me that someone who teaches people how to make donut-burgers has developed diabetes?  What a shocker! The next thing you are going to be telling me is that CHris Christie has heartburn.

But wait, now she  claims she has always  preached “moderation”, no kidding, just watch, she does it with a straight face too:

Of course she preaches and practices moderation, thats why she is morbidly obese and developed adult diabetes. Got it.

Sure she eats in moderation, and then if she is still hungry, she eats everything else.

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I have always loved your show since I discovered it. Mike McRae’s “Paula Deen” had me literally crying. I was stuck in a snowfall traffic jam in Chicago when this came out and I wound up listening to this episode several times and it is still cracking me up! My wife, who never listens to my “left-wing crackpot” podcasts fell in love with your show over this episode. Keep up the great work!


You left out the best part of the Paula Deen story! She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes THREE years ago and only went public with it last week after signing a multimillion dollar deal with Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company, to endorse their drug Victosa, which Deen has been using to treat her diabetes all this time. So Deen’s health has been a private matter (she just told Food Network about it last week) until Novo Nordisk paid her $6 million to make it a public matter. Deen’s publicist even quit in disagreement with the deal–a PUBLICIST has more ethics that Deen! I hope you will revisit this story. Love the podcast!

When I heard you say describe this on the show I thought she cut a doughnut in half, like you would a bagel. That’s worse than the sandwiches I make at the dunkin donuts I work at.

Alton Brown got heavy a few years ago and he took control of himself and got healthy and then used his show, Good Eats, to help educate his audience about eating properly. He was a responsible host. Paula Deen is clearly the exact opposite.

I know she is morbidly obese, but the qualifiers for being categorized as morbidly obese aren’t as high as you might think. Actually she doesn’t look as overweight as many people I have seen. You guys are in California so you see a lot of health conscious people. I know I’m being devil’s advocate here, but everybody enjoys being over indulgent every once in a while. She does seem to do it more often than anyone should though. And it’s EXTREME indulgence. I really was expecting cheese to be put on that burger. Go all the way!!! I don’t know. To someone with self control, it just seems like she’s having fun with food. The diabetes thing you would think would get her to change. And I suppose anyone in the public eye should try to set an example. I think of the story of companies that can fire someone for smoking on their days off because it presents a bad image. As a nurse I feel a PERSONAL responsibility to quit smoking but where is the line drawn? I see someone mentioned Alton Brown…he is awesome. It would be NICE if Paula Dean could take a page from his book but who are we to judge? Healthier people with self control…oh lol As you may be able to tell I’m working this out as I’m typing. Maybe the more she’s called out on her bad habits ( and fooling herself) she might get healthier…I guess what I’m saying is, keep it up!

oooo. I missed the comment about the drug company wanting her to go public for THEIR business…icky. ok, I’m sold. She sucks…giant ice cream milkshakes infused with buttery bacon.