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PODCAST 04-07-17



More Stuff Happens & We Make Fun of it!

Today’s show features footage from the 4/3 Improv show, what’s the DNC Disney Ride? Also, we talk about Syria and Bill O’Reilly.

Phone calls from George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Bill O’Reilly and Rick Perry!

Featuring: Stef Zamorano, Graham Elwood, Ron Placone and Mike MacRae

Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

If you’re new to this podcast, welcome to the party! We’ve had many interesting and well-known guests on the show, and there’s bound to be something thought-provoking in each episode.

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But how’d you like the show?

So John G has an opinion that may be different than most of the Mr. Doore fans. That is cool. I did not go to the Majority report John(may I call you John? OK)suggested only because I have the feeling that one of Sam Sedar’s fans (if not Sam himself) wrote this opinion. I understand Sam’s frustration with all the hard work he has done and length of time it has taken in an attempt to get the gig on MSNBC and still can’t cut the corporate muster. However, I do take issue with John blowing what could only be bullshit straight from his ass about Mr. Doore for petty jealous reasons, Just because Mr. Doore has beat your ratings 2 to 1 in half the time is no reason to get all snippy. So please chill out and try working together as we have a great evil to defeat and will all need each others help to accomplish this goal of bringing democracy back to America. Oh I only use the Mr. for people who have earned my respect. You may want to work on that if not for me then for the future.

Actually, I’ve been surprised by how accurate Jimmy’s predictions have been. And, while democrats have been unifying in order to oppose the Trump agenda, it probably won’t last. Why?

Because every time the DNC, or Hillary, or one of her trolls opens their fucking mouth it reminds me of why I didn’t vote for her and why I never will. Not in 2016, not in 2020.

The days of progressives basking in the glow of happy Corporatist Democrats are OVER.

If Hillary and the DNC are too stupid to figure that out, we can do this again in a few years. We can all watch center-right “democrats” fall flat on their face, AGAIN! Better than Netflix, I’ll make the popcorn.

DNC, take your crumbs and your platitudes shove them up your ass.

No matter how much I proofread, there’s always a typo. Hmmm.

Make that “DNC, take your crumbs and your platitudes AND shove them up your ass.”

To summarize: DNC – CRUMBS – SHOVE – ASS.

I’m not a “millennial” but this might be a good time to point out that the people accusing them of being “selfish” are usually members of the most self-absorbed generation the world has ever known.

They betrayed their children for lower tax rates and saddled them with a lifetime of student debt. Nice.

Yeah, those millennials are SO selfish. They’re the problem.

Hey Jimmy,
Love your shows.
Glad you got on Truthdig this week.
I told them a couple of months ago you should be their truthdigger of the week.
I think all your F bombs may be a bridge too far for them.
You need to get CH on for an interview asap!
Know you have a lot of irons in the fire, but if you tease that you need to sign-up for premium to get all the rest of a phone call on a show you should have it loaded into your premium service…
Keep punching up!

I never realized that TV Producer MARK BURNETT (who makes “SURVIVOR”) ran UNITED AIRLINES too.


I don’t do the Tweetie or the Faboo, but someone should start a friggin’ boycott (if they haven’t already).

#NotUnited #WeAreNotUnited #NotUnitedNotEver

Why wonder why Bill O has to coerce women into having sex with him when one look at that face that has more wrinkles than a Joyce Carol Oates story, and this with make up, tells you the story. Just imagine what his body must look like; better yet, don’t.

Jimmy, that present stuff is why I was so fine after failing at vidcon twice. I will get that job this time. If I stay in the present now I won’t be working on my job saving up money for my plane ticket. Ron better not leave this show he is to fucking amazing. I totally love him.

Also the light stuff very interesting people botched at dashiegames for his light setup.

Stupid auto check botched is supposed to be bitched. That word wasn’t added to my cell yet.

Does youtube red help out tytcomedy and TYT, or does youtube red money go to other channels only?

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