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The Jimmy Dore Show 9-28-12

The Jimmy Dore Show Sept 28, 2012

This Week:

Luke Russert: Worlds most successful intern

Luke Russert is considered the luckiest intern in the world who got his job the old fashioned way, be born into it and then wait for your father to die.  Mike MacRae does the funniest impression of him in a sketch written my Frank Conniff.  After you listen you won’t be able to stop saying “Both Sides do it!”. 

Joe Scarborough fills us in on the scoop on washington gridlock. Turns out that its all Obams fault.  Not kidding. Joes seems to agree that what is wrong with washington is Barack Obama’s unfriendly personality.

Brokaw: Newsman with a kerchief.

 Tom Brokaw is also on the phone call list this week.  Tom is everyones favorite corporate reporter and mouthpiece.  Today he calls in to give us a lesson in Washington Journalism 101: Never say anything to a guest on your show that might make them upset and ruin a good summer party on Martha’s Vineyard. 
Yes Mike MacRae’s impression is even more fun that you can imagine and another hilarious sketch written by Frank Conniff.

Rush showing you how many inches long his penis is.

Penis size is on Rush Limbaugh’s mind, and he has answer why his is shrinking: Feminism!  Thats right, listen as Rush reveals the true core of his rage: his small penis brought on by strong women. 
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With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Stef Zamorano

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Gentlemen and Lady:

Your show is a Major-League Hoot.

Given that I’m usually driving at the time the show airs on Friday afternoons, I figure I can hold all of you personally liable should I happen to drive off the road during paroxysms of laughter.

Yeah, I admit it’s sort of a legal theory in the making, but I’m pretty sure I can get some ambulance-chaser to take the case. In fact, Larry H. Parker has already said that he’d “Fight for me,” and I seriously doubt he’d exaggerate about a thing like that. Would he?

Keep doing what you’re doing. Great stuff.

HI Shoto, glad you found the show, I hope you understand that if you ever do actually crash your car someday that I will wear it as a badge of honor.

Jimmy, don’t you know how Pat Robertson talks to god?
He says all those crazy things and if god doesn’t answer, it is confirmed. It is a technique he learned from Bob Woodward. It all fits in. God is the Deep Throat and Pat is not allowed to go into details for fear of disclosing his real identity – the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Those secret polls are very persuasive. I believe if the election would be held today, Obama would come last but one and Romney excellent second best.

And Frank, don’t be a stranger! Don’t let us miss you!

Jimmy! I love the show, but can you take your muscle relaxants AFTER you do the show announcements? You sounded like you were recording from a hospital bed for fuck’s sake. You’re crisp and radio professional on the panel, and then this sleepy, drug-laced old-man comes on in between to read announcements during the break.

“Rising Tide lifts all boats.” And drowns everyone without a boat.
“Rising Tide lifts all boats.” and fuck you if you don’t have a boat!

I often do the editing and announcement recording late at night, like 3am, so I apologize if I sound drugged,

Your show continues to be top notch. Here it is… Saturday night and again this… layabout who posts your show has failed me. Okay, it is Saturday night and I am about to go out and do as I was taught as a child, (Be the man that women love, men want to be, children follow and all the dogs love.) but I go with heavy heart.

Where is my Jimmy Dore Show? Is it the holiday… is this person of yours celebrating Conqueror’s Day early? Has your double-duty on the equally hilarious Young Turks Show created a rip in the Space-Time Continuum preventing you from having the time to post the show? Even you as amazing as you are cannot be in two places at one time. High level magic… even Bruce Lee could not do such a thing in his prime.

Is it Godzilla? You live on a coast if he is menacing your city that is a fine excuse to not have an episode available by Saturday night. Please understand that I’m just trying to set a threat level for tardiness. Godzilla. Space-Time Issues. Family Issues. Health Issues. Steph…

Has Steph given you a Honey-Do list? Do very funny women, with a classroom full of kids have time to make out such lists? As a comedian do you have any of the skills common to a Honey-Do list? I don’t and it’s tragic.

Now I’m babbling, weak from lack of show… help.