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The Jimmy Dore Show 1-12-12

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 12, 2011

text messages spying

This Week:

Protesters are occupying Chris Christie’s pants, they mistook them for a sausage tent. He calls in to explain.

Ron Paul clears up his racist past by calling in and saying some racist stuff.

Rick Perry calls in to reflect on the campaign and Herman Cain’s nakedness.

Tony Blankly dies and we reflect on what it means to lose a true gentleman and an important talking head who specialized in lying for money.

Reporter from  Iowa says we have a Raucous Caucus.

Rick Perry’s plan for Iraq: send troops BACK in to Iraq, at the speed of light!

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura

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FYI: the link to Mike MacRae’s site is dead. As well as the link that shows up in Google search and in his wiki page.

Great show! Comedy with heart. I love it.

Link is working, maybe it was a temporary thing.

Glad you like the show, thanks for listening!

Awesome show as always. I just subbed you the other day on the you-tube internet machine. Check out my channel if you get a chance. I also do comedy (but on a really low budget). Or don’t. It’s completely up to you.

Anyway, take care. By the way, in reference to your last episode, Barackstar isn’t my candidate either. And no liberal in the world is getting me to vote for him and make the same mistake again.

I think I might vote for the guy who looks like he has really bad coffee breath again. (Bill Burr described Nader perfectly).

Anyway, this is probably the longest comment you’ve ever read. Your eyes are probably tired. Why don’t you go take a nap.

Rick Perry send troops back in statement. Sure as long as he leads the charge. Preferably in high heals, dress, with whip.

The oblivious question the news media will never ask Paul Ryan is “when is he going on vouchers for his health care?”

The most upsetting/disturbing problem with the press occurred when the ShamWow guy was bit on the tongue by a prostitute, had to go to the emergency room for stitches, and no one thought to ask him how well a ShamWow soaks up blood?

Copy editer needs to understand difference between lose and loose. (See Tony Blankley dies) I’d do your editing for free if you’d like!

Boss Newt Gangrene: When you hear this guy talk always think about the magician or the pic-pocket using distraction. If he want’s poor kids to preform janitorial duties, then what about the Hilton Family of Paris Hilton fame? Her grandfather took the hotel builders will to court for over 20 years go get it overturned. So there are three generations that have done nothing (job creation?). The paper ran a story about the copper heiress, that inherited $400 million including mansions across the country many think she never stepped foot in. Spent her adult life playing with dolls and watching cartoons. Now there is some serious job creation going on there. So while everyone argues about moving the top income take rate up a few percent, inheritance taxes have been virtually eliminated.

In my last 2 seconds of being a CNN reporter (this is fantasy). I would have asked Newt the first question thus. Newt when you were Speaker of the House you presided over the impeachment of one of the most successful Presidents of late. Then you had to resign because you could not keep little Newt in your pants.
But when asked about any of this now you seemed to have developed a real thin skin. Care to comment?