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The Jimmy Dore Show 1-19-12

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 19, 2011

This Week:

Are you critical of the Obama Administration for ramping up the Afghanistan war, not  closing Guantanamo, signing a bill that throws out Habeas Corpus, caving in on the Bush Tax cuts, implementing right wing education policies, and being a complete toadie of Wall Street? Well Andrew Sullivan says you are upset, not because you have a legitimate point, but because  you need to grow up. And Chris Matthews agrees with him. Not Kidding.

Guess what happens when a black guys asks Newt Gingrich if he can see how telling black people that they should demand “pay checks instead of food stamps” is belittling to  African Americans? A roomful of white people boo him. We take a look back at the first South Carolina Presidential debate and it is not pretty.

Former Louisiana  Governor Buddy Roemer , the real guy not Mike MacRae, calls in to talk about getting money out of politics, the SOPA bill, and fixing our broken political system.

Paula Dean, the beloved Southern Chef calls in and  reveals that she is suffering from Type ll Diabetes.  Kind of shocking to hear that someone who teaches people how to make “Donut-burgers” has diabetes? Next thing you know they’re gonna  tell me is that Rip Torn has liver problems.

Todd Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich, I didn’t even know he was allowed to endorse anyone, and he calls in to let us know how important it is.

Plus Rick Perry calls in to look back on the Presidential Campaign, and Governor Chris Christie calls in to defend Paula Dean and her eating habits.

With Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin, and Todd Palin performed by Ian Bagg

Andrew Sullivan wants you to GROW UP.

Buddy Roemer being kept out of debates

Paula Dean has diabetes? Go Figure.

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I want to let you and your listeners in on a movie I just watched the other day.

I am Fishead –

You can watch it free on YouTube

I found this very illuminating and I thought that you guys might have some fun calling out GOP candidates that belong on the list of fisheads.


Thanks for the links Paul. That was interesting. Definitely something to keep in mind while watching the GOP “””debate””” and Obama’s Weekly Address.