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The Jimmy Dore Show 1-5-2012

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 5, 2011

2011 Year In Review!

Now that the new year has come we can finally tell 2011 what we think and tell it to fuck off!  And a big Hello to 2012 , I absolutely love 2012, in fact I think it looks much thinner than 2011. We take a look back at some of the biggest stories of the second half of 2011.

The debt ceiling debate showed how Barack Obama is a deft negotiator, he lulled the republicans into a false sense of security by giving them everything they wanted. We take a look at how a conservative democrat like Barack Obama actually hurts progressive causes more than we think, and how Barack Obama is actually radicalizing the right wing by his centrist policies.

We even take a hard look at Ron Paul and his supporters apparent complete absence of a sense of humor and their failure to hold Ron Paul to the same standard they hold others (meaning ME!).

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, James Adomian, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin.

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People get upset about Paul jokes because they see him as their Fuhrer. Jimmy, Ron Paul is a Nazi. He should never be allowed any power.

Obama isn’t a moderate, he isn’t a progressive, he is a right winger. And Obama didn’t sign the detention bill out of fear of being shown as weak, the democrats are all for these kind of fascist measures. They don’t generally do it because they think they can’t get away with it, and by the way the only reason Obama objected to the Bill in his signing statement is because he thought he had the power to detain people indefinitely ALREADY and didn’t need authorization from Congress.

Hitler rode in a Mercedes, not a Duisenberg.

Hey thanks for reading my comment and then playing the full clip of the phone call a few episodes back. I still stand by my statement, I understand your anger but once again, you only win the moral point by being the one that does not lose their cool. The only reason we had those UC Davis students to talk about is that they stayed committed to non violence and let the Campus police be the bad guys.

Regarding today’s show, I have to say that I side with Frank instead of Jimmy on Ron Paul. People get sucked into Ron Paul by his good views on non-interventionism and stopping SOME civil rights abuse. But Ron Paul is chock full of other completely crazy stuff. He has submitted legislation that would completely nullify the separation of church & state. Specifically, he submitted legislation to prevent Federal courts from reviewing anything related to the ‘establishment clause’ or a ‘right to privacy’. Ron Paul is opening the door to Theocracy in the USA. That is a litmus test issue for me.

Dismantling the wall of separation of church & state is non negotiable.


Love the Ron Paul talk! You summed up my feelings exactly. Thanks buddy. Not the biggest fan but he is the best candidate that ever makes on to the msm.

Hey Jimmy, maybe ask your friends which administration will kill more of the blacks, Ron Paul or Obama? I think Obama’s new war with Iran will push Obama’s numbers. Plus he’ll take out a lot of the browns and the poors (whites and blacks).

Looking for the best options is frustrating when people like TYT, and you don’t talk about the green party, or other third parties. Why not? They’re not popular? They’re not popular because you don’t talk about them!!!

Thanks for the show.

Typically good Katha Pollitt column (in THE NATION–and picked up by CBS’s website, of all things), in this case about Ron Paul and his appeal:

This was an exceptional show, heard on WBAI FM, by the way. I’ve got to go back and re-listen to some of the shows of the last couple of months — the GOP field has been nonstop comic fodder, from Bachmann to Cain and beyond. I like the jokes that nobody gets — at least not immediately — about Mayans and Dusenberg cars. That creates a little hiccup in the proceedings, which is fun.

Jim Bob-Bert-A-Ruti!!

Hey Jimmy, you got to take some time and fix the ‘The Point’ promo for TYT. It’s good enough for TYT, but it’s not Jimmy Dore good. My suggestion replace Michale Shure with a cinder block, and then chuck up a good hot load of that Jimmy magic, spread it all over their new studio (don’t get any in your eyes) and make that promo shine as funny as ass. Done and done!

You’re welcome