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The Jimmy Dore Show 11-10-11

The Jimmy Dore Show nov 10, 2011

  • Bill Oreilley calls in to tell us to lay off Stossel.
  • Tony Perkins, famous christian, hates the gays as much as terrorists.
  • With Frank Conniff, Jim Earl, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura, Steve Rosenfield.

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    Mike MacRae has Rip Torn nailed. When this voice showed up couple of episodes ago I thought it was the real thing. Hilarious bit! Both times.

    Mike Macrae has everyone nailed! His Herman Cain blows me away every time. I mean, no one has done anything as well as Mike does O’Reilly.

    Also, fucking Frank is back. YES!!

    Rip Torn calls are amazing. Mike is dead on and it’s hilarious. Don’t stop!

    This show has saved my life. I light in a very dark political world. I’ll be donating something soon. Thanks