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The Jimmy Dore Show 12-15-11

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 15, 2011
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This week:

Jerry Sandusky has a GREAT LAWYER, and he lets Jerry talk to us on the phone, and he lets us know he is really atrracted to boys …but not in a Sexual way, no, not in a sexual way.

Rip Torn is back with another “Hollywood Drunk Tank”! He’s  pissed off at who is getting a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame this week, and he wants Lindsey Lohann to show a little more skin

Mitt Romney calls in to fix his $10,000 bet gaffe, and let everyone know that he is regular guy who makes $10,000 bets at the drop of a hat.

Moderate Democrat says Liberals don’t know how politics work or how real change happens. We straighten her the fuck out.

TV’s Frank has a Holiday cold  and it is pissing off  Bill Oreilly , plus lots lots more!

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura, Mike Macrae

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Very good points made in the Moderate Democrat segment. I found Jimmy’s response to the guest on Chris Hayes’ show enlightening. I’ve recently found myself disagreeing with some fellow far-left liberals, because it does sometimes sound like they’re blaming Obama for a corrupt system that was already in place when he was elected. However, I couldn’t agree more with Jimmy that this woman was condescendingly missing the point. The Occupy protestors are affecting real change because they’re tired of a system that has left us with only a handful of politicians actually fighting for the American people (including ones like Dennis Kucinich and Sherrod Brown that make me proud to be a Northeast Ohio voter.)

I love the show and I was very glad to hear this segment which was a point of clarification for me. Thanks!

Tragically, I will have to stop listening to the show. I have mentioned gently before that perhaps some of the language used is offensive to particular social groups and that concerned plea was responded with a big FU. Perhaps this is just territorial pissing, but I had believed that the show was a proponent of social justice issues for oppressed groups. I see now that ego means more than insulting those particular groups. As I am one less listener in a sea of many fans, that may mean nothing at all, but the liberating spirit that I once believed the show had, I cannot see anymore. Very tragic to me, indeed.

Well, look at that, two totally different reviews of the show. Jon, I am glad that our discussion of the moderate democrats on the Chris Hayes shows helped enlightened you, and thanks for getting how condescending she was being to OWS or anyone who has open eyes.

Staci, I am sorry to lose you as a listener, and even sorrier that the word “douchebag” offends you so much. And even sorrierer that you have a penchant for over the top rhetoric. Exactly where did I give you a big FU? Why would you make something like that up?

But lets get back to the subject.

It’s a funny word, and I don’t agree with you that using “douchebag” to describe someone is sexist. Have you ever listened to George Carlin? Or Chris Rock, or John Stewart, or Bill Maher, or Steven Colbert? They all use, and have used, that word comedically, and I guess I will side with them on this one. Do you deny yourself the pleasure of their comedy too? Are there any comedians that pass your linguistic purity test?

But the true tragedy is the narrow, anti-humor, overly sensitive- box that you put yourself in. You should not be ashamed to be a women, or of your vagina. When I call someone a “dick” it is not demeaning to all men, just the guy I am talking about. If you can get your feminist sensitivities upset listening to my show, then it must be a very tough world for you to find entertainment.

I guess it’s back to “Prairie Home Companion” for you, where you can be sure there will never be a chance of you being offended, not even a teensy little bit.

You certainly run the risk of living your life just as rigidly as the people you claim to oppose.

We will still be here fighting the good fight on the right side of the issues, and speaking truth to power, so anytime you need a good laugh we’ll welcome you back with open arms!

Jimmy, I love the show. Faithfully listen to the podcast at work. I’m sure passersby must wonder “what the hell’s wrong with that guy” as I laugh like a maniac frequently, especially with Mike’s phone calls and the way his characters interact act with you. Anyway, I absolutely agree with the point you and the guys were making about the commentator on Chris Hayes’s show. Can you or anyone help me out with who that guest was? I really don’t want to have to watch all those shows from last weekend. Please don’t make me! Oh, finally, I’m a longtime fan of Frank from his MST 3000 days. Never missed an episode when it was on and he was on (oh he**, even after he left). Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to catch his new gig, but hope to catch it in the near future. Take care and keep it up (the good work that is). I’d wish you a happy holiday, but I don’t want Bill O’ or Mike? or Bill O on my a**!

Jimmy: good point re: the use of the word “douchebag”. I wonder if Staci has ever used the word scumbag to describe someone, as that could be viewed as misandrist since it’s a slang term for a condom. Somehow I doubt her sensitivities extend that far.

On another note: I hope Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank continues to appear. Mike MacRae outdoes himself every time.

Ken: Thanks for nice words, so glad you found the show.

Rick: Thanks for the heads up on “scumbag”, I had no idea the origin of that word. But now that I do know, I am offended.

Rip Torn is on the Schedule as long as he wants!