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The Jimmy Dore Show 12-29-11

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 29, 2011

This week:

2011 Year in Review!

First we read from the Ron Paul newsletter! The media is SMEARING Ron Paul by accurately quoting  articles from the Ron Paul Newsletter. Have they no shame?

Chris Christie , the fattest guy in the state, tells workers to tighten their belts.  Plus he  takes a vacation during a state  snow emergency and calls us to complain about it.

Bill Oreilley doesn’t know why the tide comes in at night  and he is very, very loud about it.  He is also  outraged about our coverage of the Japan Tsunami and calls in to let us know

cell phone tracking spy

ARNOLD Schwartzenegger groped a woman so hard– that IT MADE A BABY! and he calls in to respond to his love child crisis.

Democratic Strategist Pete D’Aelessnadro fills us in on the IOWA Caucuses and the crazy way to choose a candidate.

Sarah Palin talks about the real victims of the Gabby Giffords shooting- her and Glenn Beck.

Henry Phillips treats us to a song about screwing things up!

Featuring: Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Ben Zelevansky, Stef Zamorano

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Bill Maher (and Chris Rock) might be among those convinced that men are only as uxorious as their options don’t tempt them to stray, but those guys have a, shall we say, not terribly enlightened view of intergender relations (for example, they seem to be implying that all women are monogamous, or at least not successfully tempted by their options, at least not too often…leaving open the question of, hmm, who are all these het men getting together with? Twenty men on every single woman Leading Them Astray, perhaps?). Men are only as faithful as they choose to be. And so are women. Odd how that can work.

Apparently Ron Paul didn’t bother to read the newsletter being sent out under his name…meaning he wasn’t quite as much the loon as was the guy he was so irresponsible as to let write the damned thing for him, he was just a slacker (or cynically exploiting the lunatic fringe of Race War Anticipators…or both). Actually analyzing his voting record would be more useful…as well as such statements as that he apparently can’t bring himself to believe in biological evolution.

Todd, thanks for listening and for the thoughtful comment. I agree that men are only as faithful as they choose to be, but that rewards, motivations and urges are very different.

Ron Pauls excuse that he didn’t read his own newsletter will never hold water with me. Especially the extra lame excuse of “I was too busy working to read it”. Wow, I didn’t know that people with jobs don’t have time to read. I guess working people have to quit their jobs whenever they want to read a book or a newsletter.

Following Ron Pauls logic, then the only people who were reading and paying for the Ron Paul newsletter were the unemployed.

Thanks for the heads up about his views on evolution, will look that up and write some jokes about it.

Chris Christie cannot believe that anyone gets a pension? How about the pensions and health care he and other politicians get. Boss Newt resigned in disgrace but gets a congressional pension and voucher free health care. Ben I killed the public option Nelson will get a congressional pension and voucher free health care. My all time favorite Pete (Mayor of San Diego, U.S. senator, Governor of California) Wilson gets how many pensions and health care plans? These clowns use the same diversion techniques perfected by magicians and pickpockets for centuries. Point the finger at someone else so no one will notice what they are really up to.

Hey Jimmy,

If I understanding your joke correctly, you were implying (through sarcasm) that your government was not run buy the Jews. Can you expand on that by addressing the many things that could be sited as counter examples.

1) the 29 standing ovations Benjamin Netanyahu got during his speech in congress

2) Ignoring the americans killed on the flotilla.

3) The us votes against Palestinian.,

4) AIPAC and their influence. (any speech at their conference).

5) the billions of dollars sent to Israel.

6) RT report, Israel new campaign ground for US presidential candidates:

7) And just a general observation that not too many politician go around saying “I’m a great friend of Turkey”.

Thanks Jimmy Dore, great show as always.

Quote from one of the last shows.

“My favorite form of journalism- Vague recollection”?

I’m still laughing at that one.

Hey Jimmy,

Here is another example, you know what I’m talking about.

Thanks for the show Jimmy. Hope to see more of you on TYT.

Well, not to distract from the Ripping the Lid Off the “Secret” that Israel is the US’s primary Client State (kinda how Cuba used to be for the Soviet Union, and Albania for the PRC)…

“I agree that men are only as faithful as they choose to be, but that rewards, motivations and urges are very different.”

I’m not sure that these are, if you mean between men and women…the rewards are to feel attractive (when one seemingly isn’t so attractive to one’s partner any longer), the motivations are to feel more vital (and to get excitingly or less rotely laid), and the urges are horniness (and a sense of independence). Between different men and different women…well, yeah…most differences between people are between individual persons within groups than between the groups as a whole. However, I’ll believe that certain Penn State football coaches are indeed only as faithful as their circumstances allow…but at the rapist edge of humanity, I suspect that’s often true…

Todd Mason

Yeah, its not so secret. Out of such a great show, I don’t know why I sunk my teeth into that. It just struck me as being against what Jimmy said before. Something along the lines of jokes being funnier if they are being honest, and comedians speaking against power. I expect a dismissal of this sort of ‘secret’ from the Wolf Blitzer but not Jimmy Dore.

I understand that it was just an off handed comment and not a centrepiece joke. I think I brought a little frustration from another site and reacted before I thought about whether or not I should.

Is it me or does commenting here feel like it holds a lot of weight? I’m sure Jimmy is reading them and there aren’t too many comments. Maybe its just because I’m big fan.

I don’t discount what I said it just seams a little silly to, like a I say, focus on such a small part of a great show.

But that last link is so obvious.


ps. Maye be I should let it go but but now that my original comment is back up I won’t… Yeah I agree its kinda how Cuba used to be for the Soviet Union, and Albania for the PRC but in those situations I think the Soviet Union was the dominate power. It’s the other way around here. Politicians send public money to Israel in the billions and Israel buys off politicians in the millions. I doubt if in the situation you described Cuba has as much control over the Soviet Union as Israel has over the US.

There was give and take in those situations as well. Anti-Cuban factions in the USSR, dismissal of Albania in the PRC (while overtures were being made to African nations by both the Leninist governments). A feeling on the part of some in the larger state of the client state sucking a little too greedily at the teat…while the client state continued to do the dirty work it was assigned, for the most part.

Meanwhile, here’s another Ron Paul bulletin for those who enjoy his unwillingness to take blame for anything done under the aegis of his name:

Have you heard of this Buddy Roemer candidate? I just heard and interview and am fascinated…. Would love to hear you guys talk about him.
Seems like the only politician out there who MIGHT have a brain…

Thanks for your fantastic shows!

Roemer was the first (only?) GOP candidate to endorse Occupy Wall Street…

RE NotsoJewish/RM – saying that Ireal is US client state is the opposite of saying that the US is run by ZOG. And I think you are listening to the wrong comedy show.

More Israeli/Jewish influence leading the us into another war.

I get and agree with your point about Israel having way to much influence in and on our government and even leading us into wars. But it is a stretch to say that the U.S. government is being run by the Jews.

We did get Buddy on!

Thanks for having Baby on the show Jimmy! That was awesome and bang on! You clarified Israel’s influence precisely and, as down as I am on the state of the world, you sure make me laugh because of it. If he phones again ask him why everyone hates him. The french president actually said as much and Obama’s response wasn’t very flattering. Maybe corner him on where and when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually said he wanted Israel “Wiped off the map”. This still comes up a lot and especially now that everyone wants war with Iran. This is not what Ahmadinejad said. It would be nice to get a counter message out there (maybe a funny one? I’ll leave that up to you :)

Speaking of which Piers Morgan is a warmonger, a criminal and an ass.

Ok. Yep I’m a jerk because I’m still on this. “it is a stretch to say that the U.S. government is being run by the Jews.” I don’t agree, but I hope it come across that I am still struggling with the idea.

Like in your last show, Feb 23, 2012, you point out that Israel has the US by the balls. They can’t stop Netanaju from going to war with Iran and if they do start that war the Americans will have to fight it. How is that not being run by the Jews?

As far as I can tell the term Jewish refers to both a race and a religion. Let me explicitly state it, if its not clear. In the following I am only talking about the religion, and not the race. In my humble opinion the problem here is caused by nurture, not nature.

I think that your response can be parsed in two ways.
1) Jewish Religion != Israel (!= means not equal to) and/or
2) dragging the US into a war (as well as the other examples I posted) != “being run by”.
I want to address the fist one cause this is what I am trying to work through. The second is interesting too. If this is what you mean I have some ideas on that Id like to get out as well. BTW Thanks for internet space 140 character limit my ass, fuck you twitter. Another reason I am a fan is because you come across as an honest actor. Quite willing to change your mind if the evidence presents its self. Obama is a good example. Its a shame of how rare that is (maybe not so much with comedians).

If I understand the position I assume you have (fuck), your point can be summed up by the mafia is run by Italians but not all Italians are in the Mafia. Yes Jimmy! This I agree with. Not all Italians should held in the same low regard as you would someone involved in an organized plot to corrupt the system for their own good and to the detriment of many. One should not paint all Italians with the same brush. However, all the Italian mafia members are contributing to crime and corruption, and should be painted with the evil they do. I think this is a reasonable position.

So maybe you mean “Israel has way too much influence in the US government , but not all Israelis are part of the Jewish religion.” To me this does not fit in the same way as the Italian example. Yes, there are some Israelis that are not part of the Jewish Religion, but Israel exists because of the Jewish religion. Aren’t the atrocities (like bulldozing homes with occupants inside, shooting children collecting building materials, dropping white phosphorous on a civilian city etc.), at the very least, justified by the Jewish religion pushing the idea that Israel can do no wrong? After all these are the chosen people and this land (that was occupied by someone else for thousands of years) was promised to them by god herself .

What’s the difference then, between the Jewish religion and the actions of Israel? Isn’t it part of the religion to support Israel. Isn’t it written it their crazy book? I could be missing it, but I don’t think there are too many Jewish religious groups standing up against this newest push for war. Nor are they standing up against the leaders of Israel on the treatment of Palestine people. (Counter examples would be appreciated, I found one maybe there is more). There are a few people that I’m aware of. Both Naomi Klein and Norm Finklestein come to mind (there are many others I’m sure). They speak out against Israel. Good for them. When they do speak out against Israel, are they not also speaking against their sky god? Again, good for them.

My point is that speaking out against the actions of Israel is not the consorted effort of the Jewish religion. I would think that if there was a difference between the beliefs of the religion and actions of Israel, they (the religion) would make the effort to disassociate themselves. I am aware there is a subtle difference between, crazy religious beliefs being used to justify some horrible action and that horrible action being caused by some crazy religious belief. There is a distinction and I have to admit that in this case I don’t know what that distinction is. I just know there is a very strong correlation between the dogma of the Jewish Religion and the actions of state of Israel. Should they not be painted with the same brush? I say yes. Jews (meaning Jewish Religion) = Israel.

P.S. I mentioned counter examples and found one. In Bill Maher’s film Religulous. Bill was interviewing an Orthodox Jew that was speaking out against Israel. Through Bill’s constant interruptions and editing, the Orthodox Jew seemed to be making perfect sense*. In the end Bill Maher cut him off and dismissed him like the ass Bill is, (a million dollars to Obama super pack, fuck you Bill Maher, you unfunny propagandist shit). at 3:12. The opinion of one Orthodox Jew does not prove that the Jewish religion or even the Orthodox Jewish religion is pushing common sense with respect to the state of Israel, but it does provide some hope. If there are many other example of religious leaders speaking out against the actions of Israel, I’d be persuaded to think that there is a difference between the two. I’d even overlook the nutty logic that gets them to the right place.

*’making perfect sense’ is a relative term when it comes to religion. The Orthodox Jew has the right conclusion, Israel should not should not occupy Palestine and maybe the state of Israel should not have been forced into existence on the stolen land. The reason he is saying this is because in his opinion the Israeli people are not yet religious enough to accept that which they are entitled to by god. I think this is the best kind of ‘logic’ that can be hoped for when talking to any religious nutter. Its a start I guess.

An Orthodox Jew being allowed to talk (not interrupted like with Bill Maher) and on fox news

This guy to me is making perfect sense (again perfect sense being relative to a another bat shit crazy religion. For fuck’s sake, if you are looking for a higher truth just open a math book) and not just when it comes to the state of Israel. They also mention the majority of present day traditional Jews and Zionists having an alternative view (in this case whether Israel should exist, no duh).

J Street seems to have the position that they are entitled to the land by god, but they should share it with Palestine. Better than nothing. They are also not very keen on Israeli occupation and the treatment of Palestinian people. Good for them.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the actions of Israel are not supported by the Jewish Religion. Certainly not the entire religion. If my small sample represents the views of Orthodox Jews, it is an entire group that can be doesn’t support the state of Israel, let alone their actions. Jimmy, I might be wrong.

If you come across someone that says “they support Israel” maybe ask them why? I’d like interested to see if they invoke a sky god or that the Jews had the land thousands of years ago and want it back or if they are aware that Israel used white phosphorus on civilian cities or the shooting children collecting building supplies. If you see Al Gore ask him why. I think the real reason is that they don’t want to loose the support (invoke the ire) of the Jewish religion, and maybe that needs re-thinking.