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The Jimmy Dore Show 2-16-12

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 16, 2011

This Week

Jerry Sandusky can not seem to stop speaking into microphones about just how much he likes hanging out with kids.   An unorthodox  strategy to fight molestation charges to say the least.  But it turns out after decades of committing child rape,  Jerry  Sanduysky is the real victim here and that lands him in this weeks Oh My God segment.

CPAC, the annual gathering of ultra conservatives, took place last weekend and,  besides being more fun to watch than Christian television, it also featured a hack comedian who managed to squeeze in two jokes in his 14 minutes on stage. It is the kind of comedy that makes Paul Gilmartin genuinely sad and sick. Of course the comedian is white, male, and christian, which means he is also a victim!.  Lets listen as he laments on how hard it is being a white,male,christian conservative in show bizness and how the liberal media keeps them off TV.

Yes the liberals who own the media wont put conservatives on TV. Don’t believe me?  Just as him, or Kelsey Grammer, Drew Carey, or Patricia Heaton.

The Catholic Church is upset about Obamacare mandating they provide contraception coverage to their employees. Chris Mathews brings on a “Catholic Scholar” who explains that the Catholic Church are also victims.  It seems to be a theme this week or something, but yes even one of largest and most powerful institutions in the world is also a victim and they are tired of being “beaten up”!   I swear I am not making any of this up.

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Gay Marriage has now passed he New Jersey Legislature and Chris Christie calls in to explain why he is against it. Bill Orielley also has his bush in a knot about the Catholic Church and contraception and he calls in to scream a little.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield. Robert Yasumura

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Jimmy Dore!

Thanks for the show Jimmy. Great stuff!


Mr. Frum: You are welcome, thanks for listening!

Thanks for such a great show! Laughing makes the end of the world seem not so bad. Also, the pro flowers deal was an excellent win win. I got laid when my wife got the flowers, you got some nickels. Your like my pimp. Thanks

Hi Jimmy,

I love your show and the one that just dropped is no exception. But I question in your decision to not identify the CPAC ‘comedian’ by name.

I understand the principle behind it (I think). But just as I seek out more work from the good comedians you feature on the show, I am inclined to try to find other work from the shitheads you feature as well.

Not that I don’t trust you, but I was particularly interested to if this guy came off better in a different context.

It’s a really minor point since it was easy to find the guy’s name. But to me it seems to me, if anything, you’re generating even more interest in the guy by witholding the information.

Also not naming the guy could make it seem like your trying to paint conservatives with the same broad brush they like to use. If you listen to the show it’s clear that’s not your intent, but still.

Just some thoughts. Keep up the great work either way.

^^^ geez some of the typos up there are embarrassing!

. . . And if I wasn’t embarrassed enough by the typos, you say the guy’s name later in the show. Disregard everything but the compliments.

Chris Christie explains why he’s against Gay Marriage – The Jimmy Dore Show 02/16/12

Hey Jimmy,

Thanks again for the show and for looking at the cpac clown. Listening to your show again it’s obvious that you guys hated talking about that garbage and I wanted to let you know I appreciated it.

One of the many reasons I became a fan was listening to you and Todd Glass talk about comedy. Not only do I love to laugh, I also appreciate (but may not understand) the intelligence and details that go into your craft. I knew that this hack was horrible but its so nice to have that feeling put into words. Thank you. Before listening to your cast I never noticed that there were no jokes, just rants. Sure it’s obvious now, but its not my field so I don’t feel to too retarded for missing it. Its nice to have that pointed that out, especially the very entertaining way it was done.

I hated the way he picked on that 17 year old. The camera never showed him, so I’m not sure if he (the 17 year old) really existed, but even if he didn’t the comic’s whole premiss was ‘its funny how I can bully a kid’. Too bad you didn’t get to that part of his show. I understand how painful it was for you to listen to him.

Jimmy, I love the comedy and the talk about comedy. Keep up the great work!

(twc) David Frum

The Jerry Sandusky story shows that its Legal Referral Service justifies the cost of a NAMBLA membership.

I’m seriously excited to see what you guys are going to do with Romney’s comments about his appreciation for Michigan’s correctly-proportioned trees. I know it’s almost too easy and people have already found a million different ways to laugh about it, but that ramble was one of the weirdest fucking things I’ve ever heard in a speech and I know his next phone call is going to be exquisite.

CPAC comedian, “We gotta make it dangerous to drive again!… You were weeded out so the good drivers had more room!” (applause)

I’ll have to ask cpac, can I have an abortion if I can already tell my fetus is going to be a bad driver when it grows up? (mother’s intuition)…

I know one is an accident the other is deliberate, it just seemed weird that he was celebrating car crash deaths. I’m sure people would say he is just exaggerating to make his point about being overly safety conscious, but I don’t see how he has made the point at all.

If he is exaggerating that we need more car accident deaths, what is the actual argument we need more car accident injuries? That can’t be it either.

If he was already going to do this stupid rant it should have been something like, “Driving needs to be more dangerous, you shouldn’t be able to drive, while you’re retweeting Bill Maher and asking siri to do your abortion, without accidentally plowing your car into an occupy wallstreet commune… a huge tragedy of course *wink*.”

At least that would be like he’s jokingly upset driving isn’t taking out more libs. You said his jokes didn’t have any punchlines, to me they weren’t even saying anything. Cars are too safe because of liberals? pioneers cared about where they were going? pioneer kids barfed but didn’t complain?… I literally was like what is he talking about?

Genzi, thank for supporting the show, you are welcome for the hook up.

Beth: We recorded the show today, and unfortunately Mitt did not call in, but Benjamin Netanyau and Rick Santorum’s sweater do!

Mr. Frum: Very good observation. Yes, most comedians use jokes and funny observations, this guy used yelling angrily.

J Dore fan: I agree, he spoke about nothing. He was very angry at stuff that is not really hurting us but just a little annoying, like “political Correctnes”.
A generous review might say that he tried to cram everything under the umbrella of “we are wussies now and people used to be tougher and sturdier long ago.”

Great show! Only one caveat. The last couple of minutes where the comedian discredited Ayaan Hirsi Ali in an offhanded way saying she was coming from a bad place (meaning Somalia I guess, and having her friend Theo Van Gogh killed), and thus what she’s saying about a war on Christianity can’t be really true, was not logically consistent, and really should’ve been challenged. But it’s a comedy show after all, and you ran out of time.

Hey Mike,

I didn’t get that he was dismissing her because of where she was from, but because of her ideas.

Hi Jimmy: By the way your show is fantastic, and I’m going to see you at either the Improv or Flappers for sure. What I got from his comment is that he dismissed her views out of hand based on her bias which is a result of her coming from a ‘bad’ place, in that her past negative experiences have biased her against Islam. Actually, based on what I read, her comments about the war on Christianity, Bahai, animists and other religious minorities (including Muslim minorities) is well founded in the facts on the ground. Just ask the Copts in Egypt about it for instance. But I view his comments as parting shots, and the show’s context was not suitable for making them or responding to them. Anyway onto your new show!

“There are many things you can make fun of the left for, like enabling the lazy” – Jimmy Dore Show 2012

Evan, That quote about making fun of the left was said by Paul Gilmartin, and does not represent the views of The JImmy Dore Show or its producers. Thank you.