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The Jimmy Dore Show 2-9-12

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 9th, 2011

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This Week:

Ron Paul is one the chosen few overly-religious-morons who thinks life begins at conception.  He sat down with Piers Morgan and gets exposed for the contradictory, hypocritical, ignoramus he is being. Yes, he got taken down by PIERS MORGAN. Good thing for Ron Paul he didn’t have to battle it out with Ryan Seacrest.

Mitt Romney has a problem: The more people get to know him, the less they like him. And if Mitt Romney were capable of human emotion, that would really hurt his feelings.  He calls in to explain why people don’t like him.

Clint Eastwood Super Bowl  commercial for Chrysler has been criticized as being a Pro-Obama commercial.  Eastwood is pissed and calls in to sling a few racial insults.

OH MY GOD: East Haven  Conneticut Mayor Joseph Maturo is a  true Moron who doesn’t know that when you are in a hole, you should stop digging. But he doesn’t . It may be the most priceless OMG segment to date.

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Hey Jamie Door,

Love the show! Huge fan!! I hope you are not done with the cpac coverage. Please talk about how horrible this comic was.

Its a great example of how a bully is not funny. He picked on a 17 year old kid his entire act. I can give a little slack and say maybe there was no 17 year old and he was just talking to an empty chair. However, he did not come across as “imagine if I was this much of an asshole”. I think what is suppose to be funny was how pitiful the 17 year old is. Very interested in what you think.

Doesn’t cpac remind you of a Hitler rally. So so much hate. My god the world is doomed. A least one party (most likely both) of the world military super power would kill off the rest of the world without even blinking. There’s a challenge, lets see if you can make cpac coverage funny.

Thanks for including the hybrid interview. These fights against Goliath are very interesting. Hope things go well. Reminds me of the fight against PG&E and the installation of “smart meters” youtube eon3 has full coverage. This is a fight in California, I don’t remember if this is where you live or not.

I don’t agree with the comments on “reading newspapers”. Isn’t someone saying “I don’t read news papers” somewhat equivalent to saying “I don’t watch fox”? Most papers, including local ones, are owned by large corporations with an agenda. What papers are you reading that are actual news? So much of it is just propaganda. For example, I use to read the economist. You know what they had to say about the economic collapse in 2008, nothing. Now that the banks stole the worlds wealth all they do is push the benefits of austerity to pay for the bank bailouts.

I’m not saying that they are all propaganda, if Democracy Now! has a paper out that would probably be useful, but most are garbage, of no value, and get there stories of the same corrupted source AP. Plus the internet has such a wide variety of opinions and sources why bother with a paper.

BTW, I heard Todd Glass was gay. Has that guy seen a vag? ’cause those things are awesome!! To each is own I guess. I just hope he’s making an informed choice.


Great episode guys. It got me mad and made me laugh at the same time. The whole episode was one big OH MY GOD for me.

PS Do the proflowers promo again next year, it’s a good gift AND you serve as a twice weekly reminder that Valentine’s is coming up

Technically life does start at conception. Rape cannot be used as an excuse to commit murder, even if that life is not very complex or developed. It is still life even if it sucks for the victim involved. I think Ron Paul was trying to say that it could still be preventable if addressed immediately(up to 72 hours), which would constitute as contraception and not abortion. This may not be a big difference and may very well be the same if the conditions are right, but it addresses the gray area involved in this issue. The poor victim that waits 7 months due to being embarrassed about her situation is only fooling herself if she feels that does not make her responsible for that life even if it was not by her choice. Women even when put in the worst of situations should not be allowed to kill a baby. Many may not agree with this because it is not convenient and seems to limit the rights of women. This is kinda a misnomer considering we are talking about taking another humans life. I love your show and am a long time listener, but I though that maybe was a bit unfair considering that out of all the candidates(including the constitution destroying tyrant we currently have) involved in this next election he may be the only hope for this country in the long run.

David Frum: Thanks for the heads up on the cpac comedy, it is going to be featured on this weeks show. And by “featured” I mean we are going to make fun of it for a long time.

Zach: glad you like the promotion, will do.

David: I was pointing out how backward Ron Paul’s opinion is on abortion and his cowardice in trying to obfuscate the fact that he would not allow an abortion in cases of rape.

He danced around stating his true opinion about abortion and raped women. He could not help but reveal that he was uncomfortable and embarrassed to plainly state his own position, which is that the state can force raped women to carry a baby to term.

That Clint Eastwood call was the funniest Mike McCray bit since the Sandusky call. Very funny.


Mitt Romney doesn’t care about Poor people – The Jimmy Dore Show 02/09/12

anyone know the name of the song that plays at 16:25 in the background? It’s like a punk rock song. I’ve been trying to find out the name of it and who plays it. It’s an awesome show guys keep it up. Love Jimmy Dore. Hopefully I can get to see him live soon. If you know the name of the song, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know, email me @ thanks.

Frank Pulaski you beautiful son of a bitch, great job on the Romney Vid!! I am constantly amazed.

Mandrake, I love Mike MacRae’s Clint Eastwood also, he’s constantly brilliant. But I have to take credit for all the voices on the Sandusky call, glad you liked it!

EsGa I will try and find out.

Who performed the “look at your phone” song at the top of the show?

Ah, found it! “Look at Your Phone” is by Karen Kilgariff (