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The Jimmy Dore Show October 27, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show oct. 27, 2011

This Week:

  • Rip Torn calls in and tells us to lighten up and add a little fluff to the show
  • James Gandolfini is upset with us and calls in to let us know.
  • Pat Robertson tells the GOP to “tone it down”. Yes, Pat Robertson.
  • Herman Cain calls in to clear up the confusion over 999 and his stance on abortion
  • Jim Hightower!

With Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Jim Earl, Steve Rosenfield.

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Herman Cain calls in to confuse us with double speak.

Rip Torn offers his advice to "lay off the politics"

James Gandolfini is upset with us and wants us to stop using his voice

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Please, please tell me you’re not a truther Jimmy… There’s so many more reasons truthers are wrong besides how evil Cheney and Bush may or may not have been.

Great pod cast! Hear Jimmy talk to Herman (I am just selling books) Cain without Herman talking to him first.

I need a youtube video of that Herman Cain interview! That was top notch comedy. well played.

“One time in 1965, Larry Storch and I spent all day drinking at the bar at the Roosevelt Hotel decided to high-jackac a liquor truck with sawed-off shotguns, drove it through the front lobby of a funeral home and somehow end up at Norman Mailers house we drugged him and his wife and sodomized them with lawn darts.”

F’in Pulitzer!

Lmao damn right Mad Dog. The Rip Torn call had me in tears.