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The Jimmy Dore Show fen 23, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 23, 2011

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This Week:

Mitt Romney says he loves Michigan because the “trees are the right height”, and we wonder if we even have to write a joke for that.

BeBe Calls says "Don't be Naive".

Benjamin Netanaju has been  aching for a war with Iran ever since Israel developed a nuclear weapon, and now he want to attack Iran before they get their own nuke.  Benjamin, who like to be referred to as “BeBe”, calls in to call me naive and dismiss Americans concern about war. Thank god he’s funny or else I might not like that guy.

Pat Robertson gets customer compaints

Christians, well it turns out that they are a  very, very selective group. Even if you get baptized, call yourself a christian and go to christian church your whole life,   chances are  if you are a democrat you still are not  a Christian.  Yes, its true, just ask Franklin Graham, he’s the son of the gifted orator Billy Graham. Well he’s not so gifted and so he needs to slander his political opponents  to get attention.

And so does Mr. Integrity himself, race baiter and religious bigot, Rick Santorum.   He says he’s “takes pres Obama at his word that he’s a Christian”, but he still likes to pretend that he doesn’t in front of racists.

Rick Santorum's sweater vest calls in and shares.

Rick Santorum’s Sweater Vest is with him 24/7 and knows him inside and out. Well, he also has lots of secrets about what it feels like to be wrapped around Ricks skin, and what its like late at night when Rick is wearing nothing but the vest. The answer just may surprise you, or will it?!

The Rants are top notch this week as Steve Rosenfield breaks down the republican primary dilemma of a having to choose between a guy who can’t win and a guy who nobody likes– that can’t win.  Plus Paul Gilmartin stands up for peace in the middle east and against the war mongers in Israel.

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Ok I get it the rant section isn’t necessarily funny, though Steve Rosenfield pulls it off. All I have to say to Paul Gilmartin is “don’t be naive” ;) Great Netanyahu skit!

Great show Jimmy,

Busted a gut on Netanaju! Have him back please. Paul Gilmartin made me want to look into J street and see what they are all about. A good deal of time dedicate to the things really that bother me. Thanks buddy.

Maybe its me, but isn’t the Hitler reference getting old? Mind you, I wouldn’t be defending Obama or Bush from it. Ignore the current fascist surveillance state and all the war crimes of these past two administrations (everybody else does) and just compare the continuous effects of depleted uranium to all of war crimes of the Nazis. The Nazis lasted 10 years at most. The sands of Iraq and Afghanistan will only be half as toxic as they are now in 4.5 billion years. As a reference, the sun burns out in 5.5 Billion years. This unstoppable horror will last for as long as there is life on the planet. It literally outlasts the concept of crimes against humanity. It out lasts humanity.

I hate to be such a downer. Your show inspires a lot of thought. I hope maybe you can squint your eyes and see these shitty comments as complement. You did ask BeBe about all the dead Israelis so I’m going to argue my self into ‘comments like this are fine’, they’re fine, just fine.

Hey Jimmy, have you seen this? I think this is the original source of the hatred against the federal reserve. Its just a cartoon. It presents its’ ideas as simply as it can, and its shocking. I can’t imagine you haven’t seen it but when you were on the tyt last week these ideas never came up. So maybe take a look id you haven’t.

Ahh Jimmy, thanks again for he show. It makes me laugh, I like to laugh. I like funny things and points about the world and politics. I like politics and listening to talking and keeping my shoes on inside the house… and sentences. I love sentences. All the sentences here the right length… fuuuuck.


Bravo, Jimmy! You are a brave and courageous person to go after the fascist, war-mongering Israeli leadership, something that is not tolerated by the powers that be. Also, J Street is a much better option than AIPAC, but the premise of the organization is the same, which is Israel first. If these supporters have such a hard-on for the colonialist, fascist state of Israel then they should move there.

Have you seen this shit? The bar is set pretty low for crazies on the internet and even lower for crazies on the internet who hate Obama, but this is just astounding.!/khaki62

Typical Obama.

Have you seen this shit? The bar is set pretty low for crazies on the internet and even lower for crazies on the internet who hate Obama, but this is just astounding.

Typical Obama.