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The Jimmy Dore Show 4-29-12

The Jimmy Dore Show april 29, 2012

This Week:

Ryan Seacrest: Proof life is not fair.

Ryan Seacrest is  worth a billion gazillion dollars, and Steve Rosenfield knows every funny angle of why it is wrong and what it means for the rest of us in this weeks RANT.

Ann Romney expresses her concern for those people underwater on their homes by promising to do nothing to help them.

We read some of our listener mail and it aint good at all.

Steve Skrovan tells us how the world really works.

Steve SKrovan, writer for Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymon, tells us how the world works.

With Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield

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Hey, did Paul get kicked off the show? Maybe it’s for the best. His Eckhart Tolle, everything is for a purpose, everyone’s suffering is equal, destroy the ego and experience pure bliss, new age nonsense is coming out more now that he has that podcast. It just doesn’t work in a show where you are going to mock people for their stupid beliefs. What’s next? Is he going to claim that Dick Cheney is a human with feelings?

I disagree with Paul about Ann Romney and a lot of things but I think that he plays an extremely important part in the show.

Just because alot of people, me included didn’t agree with Paul on this issue, doesn’t mean that Paul at other times is a kind of moral compass when if someone is being unfair or hypocritical.

Will never understand why people can’t handle listening to stuff that they don’t agree with…….I don’t want a bunch of yes men who all agree…Where is the fun in that?

I don’t mind debate, but there are levels of debate. With Paul’s focus on his pseudo-religious, self-help stuff, though I worry he’s going to start to criticize the idea of criticizing people. Hey, man, we’re all the same beautiful energy, man.

I disagree with Paul a lot, and I think he is very right wing in many of his views, but I think he is a hilarious comedian and I’m always happy to hear he is the shoe. Hooray for Paul!

The Steve Skrovan stuff was great, Jimmy. This week’s Real Time with Bill Maher talked about almost nothing but the wealth gap. What is happening? People are talking about real things. If occupy does nothing else, it succeeded in changing the subject to real issues.

I disagree, the Steve Skrovan stuff was not great.(nothing personal). I listen to hear Jimmy, Frank, Paul, Robert and Mcray’s week in review, not to hear interviews. If I want an interview I will listen to Comedy and Everything Else or Sam Seder.
Not like anyone should care, but I hope that the show doesn’t add an interview section each week. More Oh my goddy and less question(ee)!!.? Dance! Monkey, Dance!!

I have to agree with the consensus here. Gilmartin is really getting on my nerves lately. He’s NOT funny and he’s really getting just sad to listen to. He just seems so pathetic and sad. I understand the guy’s probably depressed and he is an addict after all, so that’s probably where the theism comes in, but come on man! This is a comedy show. I don’t want to be brought down when I listen. Paul brings me down, man. If I wanted to get depressed, I’d watch Hannity. I hope this guy perks the hell up because I can barely stand to listen anymore. Even at his best he’d make a so-so joke now and again, and that I could deal with because Robert, Frank, and Jimmy are great. I’ve been listening for more than two years and he’s never added much to the show in my opinion. The half-religious crap is bad enough, but… Well , I’m starting to repeat myself, so I’ll just say this. Perk the fuck up or get off this comedy podcast. Gilmartin’s got his own podcast. It’s shit, but he can do his schtick there. It doesn’t belong here.

Paul may pump the purple peddle from time to time, and yes he gets me a little exasperated from time to time, but he is often very hilarious. You all know how I feel about the quasi spiritual stuff and where Paul and I disagree, but I do enjoy debating him very much, and the show is better for having him on.

Thanks for listening and for enjoying the debate!