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The Jimmy Dore Show june 8, 2012

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Maria Bartiromo: economic reporter is a real boob.

Maria Bartiromo is a Wall Street stenographer and mouthpiece–wait,  I’m sorry, –I mean,  here is CNBC bizness  reporter Maria bartiromo, who has been reporting from the economic trenches.  In fact she is actually embedded with a squadron of  criminally insane CEO’s, she was last seen storming the beaches of East hampton Long Island with Wall Street’s “82nd douchebag division“. I just happened to turn on the tv and caught an exchange of  easily-debunked bad economic theories between her and Alan Greenspan’s wife MSNBC  “reporter” Andrea Mitchell.  And yes, you will see why I put “reporter” in quotes.

Donald Trump gave a speech at the North Carolina Republican Convention which turned out to be the equivalent of

Trump: Would you buy a used car from this guy?

monkeys throwing shit at each other. He started off by saying how much he hated bringing up Obama’s birth certificate, and then proceeded to talk about it non-stop. He defends himself against charges of racism by saying “how can I be racist, I just picked Arsenio Hall to win the Apprentice!”.  Yeah see, he’s not racist, he’s got a black friend!

George Zimmerman: Bail revoked for lying to the court.

George Zimmerman , the nicest guy to ever gun down an unarmed 17 year old black kid,

has had his bail revoked.  Turns out the self appointed vigil-anti lied to the court about his finances and about having two passports, one he told the judge about and one he didn’t.

According to Zimmerman’s attorney, he was “confused and fearful” when he allowed his wife to mislead the judge about his finances and passport.  In fact he was so confused he forgot which version of his story he told police last time and fearful he couldn’t repeat it the next time. On the bright side, usually when Zimmerman is “confused and fearful”, somebody gets shot.

Mike sitting backwards in a chair and looking cool.

Plus MIke MacRae delights us again with a phone call from Mitt Romney that cracks everybody up, and we play an encore call from our old pal Herman Cain!

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With regards to your observation that the backers of Zimmerman having overplayed their hand, that he probably would have gotten away with more if he had been arrested, etc.: I think the outcome in Wisconsin is a similar case of unintentional-making things-worse: If the RNC had just outspent Walker’s opponent by, perhaps, a two to one margin, many would not have noticed the campaign financing problem; but the RNC having outspent Walker’s opponent SEVEN TO ONE! This _could_ serve as the rallying point that gets many off their butts to finally get campaign financing laws changed…