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The Jimmy Dore Show 6-1-12

The Jimmy Dore Show june 1, 2012

This Week:

Chris Matthews is a focus this week because he went on a tirade at a media convention where he claimed that stuff like the Iraq war wouldn’t happen today because we have 24/7 cable news. Well, we actually did a little checking and it turns out that there was cable news during the run up to the Iraq war. And get this, Chris Matthews actually had his own show on a cable news network during the run up to the Iraq war too! He says lots of other crazy stuff too, I mean CRAZY. After hearing this you will wonder where exactly this guy gets the balls to make fun of Michele Bachman.

Donald Trump: I used to refer to Donald Trump as Mike “The Situation” with money. But now Mike “The Situation” actually does have money. So I guess the only thing that separates them now is ….abs.We

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also find out that Trump and Fredo have a lot in common.

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it’s official, I will no longer watch, or accidentally leave on Hardball while waiting for the evening MSNBC lineup. Between this and the Phil Donahue interview, I can’t stomach him. Talk about cognitive dissonance on steroids! His show has always sucked anyway. It’s curious why MSNBC keeps him, I can’t imagine his ratings are much.

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