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The Jimmy Dore Show 7-20-12

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This Week:

Thats me.

Romney surrogate and former Governor of New Hampshire, John Sununu, says he wished Obama would “Learn how to be an American.” . Yeah, like By opening a Swiss bank account and teaching horses to DANCE. Nothing like a guy who was born in Cuba to Arab parents to lecture you on how to be “More American”.

The right-wing freak-out at the prospect of 4 more years of a black president continues! Rush Limbaugh had an especially

BANE! Its an Obama plot!

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crazy week, starting with this quote: “It can be said without equivocation that Barack Obama hates this country!”, moved on to Pres. Obama being “educated by a bunch of communists”, and finally ending with a conspiracy involving the Batman Movie and the Barack Obama campaign.

I couldn't make this stuff up. if Rush Limbaugh wasn’t a thing, and you did a sketch in which you just said verbatim things he says – you would be considered a comic genius.

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who voluntarily shot and killed treyvon martin sat down with Sean Hannity to tell his side of the story. Hey, its no Jerry Sandusky/Bob Costas interview but I'll take it. FYI: if you’re indicted on a felony, and your lawyer gives you

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the OK to go on Sean Hannity – fire your fucking lawyer.

Plus Mike MacRae sits in for the entire show as Luke Russert , Gov.Chris Christie and Bill Orielly.

WIth Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin, Stef Zamoran

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I notice you’re no longer criticizing Obysmal anymore, Jimmy, so I guess like most liberals you’ve decided to “circle the wagons” and legislation like the NDAA, CISPA, SOPA, and TSA grabbing your genitals at the airport is part of the acceptable losses we’ll all have to take to keep the evil (and yes, he IS evil) Rethuglican out of office, right?

The war mongerer in chief is still a fascist totalitarian, IMHO, and no, and banning guns through a UN treaty and bypassing the constitution because of a mind control MK ULTRA psy-op isn’t going to help matters. You still have more chance of dying from a honey bee sting or falling in the shower than from staged terrorism. LOOK AT HISTORY; IF WE’RE DEPRIVED OF GUNS, THIS OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT WILL FULLY ENSLAVE YOU AFTER THEY COMPLETELY COLLAPSE THE ECONOMY WHICH THEY HAVE BEEN DOING BY DESIGN SINCE NIXON TOOK US OFF THE GOLD STANDARD.

It is truly horrific to see you regress like that guy in Flowers for Algernon down to a left-right paradigm zombie, along with all the other politically correct members of your panel, some of whom, like Frank, have been big fans of. So disappointing and so hypocritical. I thought you were different when I would hear you rightfully criticize Obama (not enough, but at least it showed you had some critical thinking skills).

But oh, to end up with Romney, ANOTHER wall st. puppet would be so TERRIBLE! Like it makes one shred of difference!

Turn your mind back on, Jimmy, I miss it.

Hope you will cover the Libor scandal this week, Jimmy; you can start with this article:
Oh, that’s right you think Fast and Furious was BS because Rethuglicans investigated it (it started under Bush, actually, but Obama kept it going), and you just LOVE Eric Holder because you would be called a “racist” by your panel if you criticized him, right? Tell that to Brian Terry’s family. This is all a coordinated effort to gut the second amendment and bring the US into full, totalitarian, globalist bankster control. Libor proves that, but you’ll keep calling me a conspiracy theorist, right, Jimmy?

Conniff is GOD!

Great jobs guys. Love your show,ASSHOLES,LOL. Gonna go watch the same jokes on TYT now, but with the dramatic funny faces.

Glad Steph is joining in. Let her finish her thoughts without interrupting all the time, she’s clever n funny!

So George Zimmerman is “one of the Christians”?

Looks like the Batman Killer is one of yours, Jimmy:

“Faith: Agnostic”

Going off on “gas powered” guns?

You don’t seriously think that the term “gas operated” refers to gasoline like in a car engine?

A gas operated gun means that some portion of the gas from the propellant that pushes the bullet forward is used to work the slide and chamber the next round–the way all semi-automatic guns work.

“This is all a coordinated effort to gut the second amendment and bring the US into full, totalitarian, globalist bankster control. Libor proves that.”

What does Libor have to do with the 2nd amendment?

Paul doesn’t know who Krystal Ball is? This is at the root of my problem with Paul. You do a news-based podcast every goddamned week and you don’t know basic things THE PODCAST IS ABOUT? Why can’t this guy get his shit together? This is not the first time. This is not the second time. It’s not the third nor even the fourth. Why the fuck can’t this guy stay informed? Every week Paul is dumbstruck by something we all knew about because it was one of the biggest stories in the motherfucking country! Listen to a random Paul episode. It will most likely be in there. This guy is ignorant and sad. He’s just a pathetic person and I can’t stand listening to him anymore. I like this show. I do. But Gilmartin has to go. Real talk.

Dan , I did think it was just like my car that shot bulletts , thanks for the info!

Joe, paul is on the show cuz he is funny, I’ll give you the info, I think it is good to have him there to disagree with us once in awhile too, plus I love that he has the same reaction to stories on the air that I had off the air when I first heard about them.

I think it makes it more fun, hope you still listen!