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The Jimmy Dore Show 7-27-12

The Jimmy Dore Show july 20, 2012

This Week:

Thats me.

Mitt sits in for the first 1/2 hour!

Mitt Romney is with us for the first 1/2 hour as we pepper him with questions about his flip flopping. Mike MacRae was in the comedy groove and we are all the better for it.

The Democratic governor of Colorado sat down with George Snuffleupigous and he is also against any kind of gun control. Yeah, why would he be? We all

And our favorite bootlicker to the powerful, Chris Matthews is back and asking some of the worst question about the Colorado shooting that we’ve heard

Chris Matthews asks some great questions.

so far. Not only does he bark inane questions about stuff we already know, like when he asked one victim “What kind of gun was he using?”. See, we already know that Chris, can you ask something relevant? His answer was “hell no”.

With Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff, Stef Zamorano and Steve Rosenfield.

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Because gun control is working swimmingly in Chicago and DC….

If you don’t like guns, don’t have one.

My guns have killed far fewer US citizens than have obama’s assassination drones.

If you think gun control would stop all mass murders, check out the Wikipedia page on spree killers… There are dozens of mass murders committed with clubs, knives and bars hands with body counts higher than the batman killer.

Hey Dan, I am glad you aren’t gong to kill anyone with an assault weapon or a 100 round clip. Can you take a minute to explain why someone would need something like that?

Also, do you have ANY limits on your pro gun control stance? Like, if you want people to be able to buy assault weapons, do you also want them to be able to buy bazooka’s?

If you are against people owning bazooka’s then you are also for gun control. If you are not against people owning bazooka’s then we know what kind of crazy maniac you really are.

Good talk.

I’m so glad Paul isn’t on this episode. I prefer people who are actually, you know… Informed and, like, prepared. I’m glad he seems to be on a lot less now. He’s either “pumping the pedal,” as someone once said, or expressing disbelief at the stories that are being covered. You know, the ones that are on the news every goddamned day? Yeah. Those. “What? OH MY GOD! That happened? I had no idea!” Yeah, it’s not like you’re a very frequent contributor to a news-based show or anything, right? I just want Paul to go away.

To all the people who are attacking Paul I say: Fuck off and die. Thank you.

Re Guns:
The guy from the theater was NOT a terrorist, because a terrorist has a political agenda he is trying to advance through personal violence. This guy was a spree killer, spree killers are venting their personal frustration about the troubles in their personal lives through violence.

And with regard to being unable to stop gun violence, we cannot stop murder either, does this mean we should allow people to kill anyone they want to?

Jimmy. Love the show. Glad you have been able to retain Frank after his big apple move. Please cover this story. Looking forward to your take.