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The Jimmy Dore Show 8-17-12


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Thats me.

This Week:

Showing us how much health care a medicare voucher will pay for in 20 year.

Paul Ryan , Paul Ryan and then Paul Ryan, later we mention Paul Ryan and then we wrap up with a little Paul Ryan talk during the Paul Ryan round table about Paul Ryan.

We also talk about Paul Ryan and  Paul Ryan's proposed Paul Ryan  budget to fix everything and screw over the poor and middle class while funneling money upward and pretending you are doing God's work, Paul Ryan. .

The Paul Ryan budget is so bad  that even the Catholics  noticed.  A group of Nuns think it is so “un-Catholic” that they organized a bus tour to spread the word.   And the Catholic Bishops side withe the Nuns!  You know, when you've lost the moral high ground to child molesters, maybe its a bad budget.Queen Ann Romney show off her shitty side/

Ann Romney decided to show-off her angry- shitty side in an interview when addressing  Mitt's tax returns. She looked like she was trying to lock down the paranoid millionaire vote. 

Speaker Boehmer calls in “Ryan not a 'Knuckle-dragger”.

Mike MacRaedelights us with phone calls from Mitt Romney and John Boehner explaining his disgust for the “Knuckel-

Rick Overton: Actor/Comedian/Writer Extraordinaire!

draggers” in the Tea Party,  two brilliant sketches written by Frank Conniff.

We are joined by two of my favorite comedians: Rick Overton,  and Cathy Ladman.

Rick Overton is also an Emmy Award winning writer and a very busy actor who most recently has been seen on NBC'  

The Office and was in my favorite movie of all time “Ground Hog Day” with Bill Murray.  

Cathy Ladman was winner of Female Comedian of the Year and most recently has been seen on

Cathy Ladman: “Comedian of the Year!”

everyones favorite  “Mad Men”.  

My thanks to both of them for adding much needed clarity & Hilarity. 

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With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Stef Zamorano.  And thanks to Robert Yasumurafor all the GREAT JOKES!


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…and this…

… have GOT to be worth an OMG moment. The Christian fundamentalist right wing’s “God’s little shield no-pregnancy-from-‘legitimate’-rape” sex education rationale to justify zero abortions even for rapes has women coming and going. If a woman were “really raped” (really didn’t want it) then her body would secrete a natural spermicide (??!!!) that would prevent any pregnancy. BUT if a woman claims she became pregnant because she was raped, then the pregnancy itself becomes “proof” that she actually cooperated (“wanted it” because she is actually a slut and a whore).

Like Monty Python’s scientific witch trial– throw her in the water. If she sinks and drowns, then she’s not a witch. But if she floats then she is a witch and can be burned at the stake because both witches and wood float in water.

Hard to believe it’s the year 2012 in an “advanced” industrialized nation. OMG.

“Health Experts Dismiss Assertions on Rape” in this New York Times article about the Akins theory that legitimate rape rarely causes pregnancy ipso facto “real rape” victims don’t need abortions…

The article contains lots of material, including Christian Dr. Willke who explains how “real rape” apparently causes a woman’s fallopian tubes to go “spastic.”

The NYTimes reporter tried to get some medical insight from Congressman Ron Paul but without success:

“Representative Ron Paul, an obstetrician who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination, was asked about the issue Monday. ‘Rep. Paul has no comment,’ a spokeswoman said by e-mail.”

Dr. Paul won’t talk to the New York Times about , but I wonder if he’ll talk with Jimmy about it? Worth a try.

Also, here’s a link to Dr. Willke’s original “Rape Pregnancies Are Rare” article…

Bottomline: How often or not any rape results in pregnancy is just another red herring to confuse the moral issue of every woman’s right to control her own body.

I have to laugh at Paul Ryan and the “inspiration” he supposedly got from Ayn Rand to go into public service, especially since going into public service usually means serving the public, i.e. the collective.

Surely he understands that, right? Right?

Hey Jimmy, you should look up some Ayn Rand clips on youtube. Phil Donahue use to bring her on his show back in the 70s and you should just see how the audience boos this lady for the horrible things that come out of her mouth. lol I think you can actually show people that this lady use to be a circus act, someone Donahue would bring on his show that was the equivalent to Springer and Geraldo bringing KKK members on their shows. She was a dog on circus act in the 70s now she is a goddess.
I am at work so youtube is blocked sorry I didn’t do the leg work on this one for you.