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The Jimmy Dore Show 8-3-12

The Jimmy Dore Show aug 3, 2012

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 This Week:

Sandy Weil made a cartoon of out Banking.

Used to be we had a banking system that worked for everybody: citizens, investors, working people,

That's me

entrepreneurs and banks. But that was when the banks were sensibly regulated so they couldn't be manipulated to benefit the few at the expense of the rest of us. You remember those days,  before Bill Clinton turned the democrats into a bunch of corporate lap dogs and half the people in government weren't  completely bought yet.  

Enter Sandy Weil.  If you’ve never heard of Sandy Weill, he’s a former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup He actually created CitiGroup,  the first Too Big Too Fail bank, in 1998 when he merged Travelor's Group  with Citicorp . .   he was on Squawk Box recently, I assume, to explain how his plan for world domination was going swimmingly until James Bond ruined everything, blew up his secret lair and stole his wife. But he came on to tell everybody how deregulation the banks was just a mistake made by well intentioned people (who just happened to make an obscene fortune off their mistake).

Gore Vidal: Playwright, Intelectual, Liberal–all things nobody gives a shit about anymore

Gore Vidal passed away last week and Steve Rosenfieldlaments the loss of all our “Mid-Centuryguys” in another one of his brilliant and often hilarious essays. 

Tuesday's with Moron is back and he's upset about the intolerance of liberals over the Chick-fil-A wanting to deny gays equal rights.

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Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for the show, and thanks for the shout out! I had my own personal “Oh My God!” moment, thanks buddy. I always worry when I write something that the spirit of what I’m trying to say gets lost. I was glad to hear you took those comments as they were intended; even some random anonymous guy, a thousands of miles away, with no experience in producing a show, comedy, entertainment, or anything remotely related, can tell you how to do your job better. Ha! Just kidding. I’m sure comedy is like everything else. It reminds me of my uncle. He had a saying. “Always take a pen and paper with you when you go camping. That way, if you get lost, you can just start writing a joke. Right away some douche bag will come along and tell you how to do it better.” I always thought that was funny because he worked in maintenance.

Wow a shout out! Fuckin ‘A’. This is a big deal Jimmy! Move over Starbucks, “Contributor to the Jimmy Door Show” is going to look pretty sweet on my resume. “Contributor to…” sound a lot better than “Drugged Crazed Fan of…”, but I think Ill keep the latter for posterity. It lets potential employers know I’m progressing. Good thing too ’cause I’m definitely one in a million now. Get ready world here comes something you’ve never seen before! A Barista with an attitude! If the entire American population can accept the word “terrorist” to describe themselves, as well as the collective family of people they’ve invaded, occupied, and bombed with both chemical and nuclear weapons for the past 10 years, then I’m going to god damn make them accept the word “venti” for a bladder busting cup of coffee. I know they’re jonesing in the morning. Say “venti” fucker! Dance my monkey! Dance!

Anyways thanks for the show Jimmy. I’m still a big fucking fan… but I’m working on it.

The war criminal David Frum.


Is anybody surprised that little old ladies scrutinize the price of cat food more than the banks do the LIBOR? Why is this?

In the true spirit of the world financial system, I’ll pull the answer out of my ass. Its because the whole system is based on fraud, on top of fraud, on top of fraud. All along the line each hand that touches the LIBOR numbers adds their own bit of fraud, so its in no one’s interest to risk collapsing this house of cards to check accuracy of the source. When each individual bank, like Barclays, is surveyed they give rates that are in their best interest. When the numbers are calculated they are modified to fit the British Bankers Association’s best interests. And when the rates are used by American banks to calculate their already fraudulent securities and sub-prime mortgages the number they use is modified to fit that bank’s interests.

In short, cat food is real and the world financial system is based on derivatives of derivatives of speculated potential future labours of an ever diminishing automated workforce.

Thanks again for the show, Jimmy.


No love for the Duke? Shameful!

David, my pleasure and yes, bankers are dicks, I hope people realize that now.

Duke, much love!

Jimmy, you aren’t an idiot comedian. If you were you would be a republican comedian.