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The Jimmy Dore Show 9-14-12


The Jimmy Dore Show Sept 14, 2012

This Week:  



Mitt for entire hour!

Mitt Romney sits in for the entire show!  ANd we let him have it right off the bat with some jokes over his deft handling of the Lybian crisis. Plus Mitt tries to pretend he’s a regular person again by bragging that his wife Ann just bought him a 3-pack of shirts from Costco.  Wow, turns out MItt doesn’t spend $800 on every shirt I buy, and he has the receipt to prove it!  Of course he isn’t going to show you the receipt, that would just give the democrats more ammunition.

Teachers Strike- not for money!

The chicago teachers union is strikingfor the first time in 25 years, and its not over money.  Let me repeat that, it is

not over money. Which is surprising seeing that most people who go into teaching are doing it just for the money and prestige. 


FoxNews Democrat = Not Democrat

We take a look at the Chicago strike through the eyes of  Bob Beckel, who is the resident democrat on the fox news panel, which means he’s not a liberal or a democrat. And turns out he doesn’t support teacher  unions either.  That is one hell of a democrat huh? 


Plus Barack Obama gave a speech in which he promised to kill the people involved in the Lybia embassy attack.  Now I guess I expect him to have to do that, but what makes it seem genuinely creepy is when thousands of people cheer it. I ask if we can plea stop cheering for killing other people sons and daughters.   



I make the case that terrorists have fundamentally changed who we are as a people, and Barack Obama calls in to dispute and clarify.  He makes the case that AMerican values will not be changed by acts of terror.  And I agree with him.  IN fact I was just bragging to a guy feeling me up at the airport  about how tough Americans are and how we don’t let terrorists change us.  


ANd the president calls in to explain what will happen if there is one more terrorist attack on America. (think Logan’s run)


penis growth

With Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield and Frank Conniff, with  additional  material by Robert Yasumura. 

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Jimmy where is Paul and Robert? And call me dumb but I didn’t get the joke about Romney and the light bulb.

Bob Beckel is not a such a great Democrat and is not really good at picking out hookers either.

Yes Jimmy, where iiiis paul and robert? Loved the show!
Always love the rants at the beginning and
Mike – please more Obama! Hilarious…. You are the MAN!
And yes Jimmy, you are the MAN too :-) Thanks for your commitment,
honesty and funny

Whoever is posting these to the site isn’t tagging them correctly – the JDS episodes show up on the front page but not on the JDS portion.

I know it is a little confusing but all the podcasts of “The Jimmy Dore Show” from KPFK are available under the Jimmy Dore Show logo with my picture on the top of the page, and the blue “The Jimmy Dore SHow” logo is for the new TYT version of the show.

Paul and robert are busy, but will back on when their schedule allows.

Where is the last week’s show? This new fellow… this… whatever his name is who has been hired to post things has show an egregious lack of discipline. It has been noticed that he has failed to post… I am considering my options for “correction” and “encouragement” and my options are… diverse. IF he fails to make it in on Thursday think of it as money saved and you can thank me later.

Mike McRae’s jokes sometimes get lost in the rush, given the disadvantage of being on the phone lines, and even his attempts at factual supplement, such as noting Walter Van Tilburg Clark was the brilliant writer of the novel THE OX-BOW INCIDENT, which was made into a similarly good film (Clark’s perhaps even better novel, THE TRACK OF THE CAT, wasn’t filmed so well).

Very good show.