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The Jimmy Dore Show 9-21-12


The Jimmy Dore Show Sept 21, 2012


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On The Phone For Entire Show!

Mitt Romney made the only mistake you can not make in politics, he accidentally told the truth. Of course I am speaking of the infamous 47% tape where he calls half the country “victims with an entitlement mentality who won’t take responsibility for their lives”. And then it gets really bad.

We have the Republican Presidential nominee sitting in with us for the entire show and he actually answers some of our questions about all of this. Mike MacRae, AMerica’s greatest impressionist, who does the best Mitt Romney impression in the country, thrills us for the hour and tempers all my anger for Mitt Romney with well timed jokes. Big thanks to Mike MacRae!

The Forbes Magazine named the 400 wealthiest Americans in their latest edition, and Mitt Romney was not on it. He got so angry that he had Bain buy the company, fire everyone, and gave all their wives cancer.

For some reason the Sunday news talk show all love to book LIz Cheney. I can understand why she is such a good “get”, seeing that she is the daughter of a war criminal, she is more than qualified to pontificate about everything.

Bill Oreilley

Bill Oreilley calls and is a little drunk again. He is upset with our treatment of Romney and wants to straighten us out about it!

Mitt Romney caricature by DonkeyHotey

With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Stefe Zamorano!

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I have recalled my operatives… this new person of yours has won a reprieve. Do not vex me so with waiting for my comedy-radio crack for very long again…

Now I shall listen to the fun and frivolity and then return to my everyday life of applying my gentle social justice backhand to the sadly metaphorical sides of conservative heads.

Hi Jimmy,

I thought I’d give your Amazon link a try but it wants to redirect me to because I’m in Canada. Does this still yield you a cut? If I can’t support your show then I really don’t want to shop there. Perhaps you could find out what the deal is with that and let me know.

I am not sure about the amazon in Canada, Amazon has been 100% on the up and up so far, so I am inclined to believe that it works the same no mater what country. Amazon has been really good to and for us. Thanks for your support!