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The Jimmy Dore Show april 12, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show april 12,2012

This Week:

Steve Rosenfield mourns that passing of Mike Wallace and the  end of an era when news organizations relied on something quaint and out-of-date ….News!

Billy Graham’s daughter was booked on Meet The Press, I guess because Pat Robertson’s niece was busy, and she lets us know to always make decisions out of fear like a good christian does.

Sandy Rios lets us know who the real victims are in the Trayvon Martin shooting, and wouldn’t you know, turns out  its  white people!

Allan West, African American tea party member and Everyone’s favorite war criminal lets us know exactly how many congressional democrats are actually communists.  The answer just might surprise you, but not Senator McCarthy.

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Mitt Romney has been accusing Barack Obama of not being a real Christian, but of wanting to set up an even newer religion than Mormonism. He calls in to explain that he “takes the president at his word” when he says he’s a Christian.

Rip Torn's Hollwood Drunk Tank!

Rip Torn’s “Hollywood Drunk Tank!” takes on the new  Transgendered Miss America contest and civil rights leader Donald Trump!

Rick Santorum has aborted his presidential campaign and his Sweater Vest calls in to let us know how he is feeling about it all.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield and Robert Yasumura.

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This is what somebody wrote on craigslist. Not me.
I can’t believe that someone is this ignorant.

first. there is no cowardishness in carrying a gun. you have criminals that carry one. any person has the right to carry a gun. if you listen and read the whole picture you can see that it was both there faults..trayvon has a history of being in trouble at school. so he probably got aggressive with zimmerman. zimmerman instead of shooting to kill should have hit someplace where it would have wounded him instead.i do not believe it was just one persons fault. it was both. people just want to conplain and start trouble because of their ignorance. yes this is tragic. but if they both had not been so aggressive this would not have happened.the problem is you have (PEOPLE WHITE AND BLACK) that all they want to do is start trouble. like those so called preachers al sharpton and jesse jackson. they are trying to undo everything that Martin Luther King gave his life for.they are supposed to be preachers and spreading god (the bible says god is love). they should be there for the people instead of being trouble makers.they are just doing to stroke their ego. yes i think zimmerman was wrong in fatally shooting trayvon. but trayvom was wrong in his actions also.. and no i do not know what trayvon or zimmerman did when it happened. but nobody but god knows.all we do is go by what the lying media wants us to know.. sorry if this makes you mad ,but this is being fare to both sides..and not being a lynch mob…you do not know the whole story..

Withdrawal is the only method available to Santorum.

you almost got me, very funny!

nyckname: I get it!

It may have been understandable wishful thinking, but Steve’s reflection was on the passing of Mike Wallace, not Chris.

Ah. but I suppose one can dream.

Funny shite guys! That is nooo surprise! I think the woman running in Connecticut Senate race mispronounced the Spanish pronunciation of George-phonetically pronounced Horehay. Orrrrr she was just calling out his corporate whoreness. Yous guys is awzzzmm.

Man monsters?!?! That’s hardcore, Rip. Ouch. I know us transwomen are easy targets but DAMN!!!

Love you guys anyhow.

And I would especially love a new RT skit with Rip praising a non-op T-girlfriend for having built-in sex toys and giving daddy the x-mas gift that he’s to timid to ask santa for. <—— [preposition :]

Thank you for your show.