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The Jimmy Dore Show April 14, 2011

Jimmy Dore Show - April 14, 2011  

With-Mike MacRae, Ben Zelevansky, Jon Corbett,  Paul Gilmartin

Written By: Frnak Conniff, Robert Yasumura,Mike MacRae, Ben Zelevansky, Stef Zamorano, Jon Corbett

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Great show as always, Jimmy. I just saw the Jim Hicks documentary at the Sunset 5 last night and yes it blew me away. Great film, everybody! Go see it while it’s here in L.A. this week. If you saw the “Howl” film released last year with James Franco, you’ll recognize animation/live action technique from that film used in this film about Jim Hicks. Very well done. Funny and informative and moving. Thanks, Mr. Hicks! And thank you, Jimmy.

Here’s the link to “American: The Bill Hicks Story” at the Sunset 5.

I just discovered Bill Hicks thanks to you. I was only 9 years old when he died, and now I know what I was missing all these years. I can’t wait to see the movie!

Great show this week!

Great show!
I only discovered Bill Hicks after he passed on (I’m a long-time ex-pat) and was floored by him. I really don’t think it is an exaggeration to name him as one of the greatest American stand-up comics.

I hope you are appreciated at KPFK. When I lived in L.A. many years ago it was a beacon of light but it seems that Pacifica has really gone downhill in many ways. I have heard a lot about WBAI from Doug Henwood, who finally quit in disgust a while back. Check out his blog if you don’t know him:

Also: This show isn’t appearing on the front page of the site. And, could you add an index of all the past guests like you had on your previous site?

Thanks again for this show and your regular podcast!


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