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The Jimmy Dore Show april 20,2012

The Jimmy Dore Show april20,2012

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Pat Robertson, just like Jesus,  is not a big fan of science or reason.   Lets face it, once you start taking science seriously, its just a mater of time before  you start basing your opinions on facts and accurate information instead of superstition and projected self-hate.  And then, before you know it, you don’t sound like a crazy person anymore, and we can’t have that.

Today Pat explains that jesus does not believe in global warming, and his proof is that Mars (yes MARS) doesn’t have SUV’s or oil wells and it  is hot too. I know, go figure.  Luckily that kind of  mental derangement is destructive, but luckily it is also fun to watch too. Where would be without our favorite Christian maniac? I hope Pat lives forever!

A Trillion Dollars. Hey, turns out the total amount of outstanding student debt could reach a Trillion dollars this year.

Rep. Virginia Foxx Chair of Subcommittee on Higher Education!

Man, for that amount of money, America’s students could have waged a pointless ten-year-long war , you know, something useful, instead of all this egg-head book-learning and such.

But luckily Rep. Virginia Foxx, the chairperson of the subcommittee on Higher Education, doesn’t think student debt is a problem, in fact she has disdain for college student who find themselves in debt. So much so that her proposal to help College students drowning under a mountain of student loan debt is to do NOTHING.   That a girl!

Mitt Romney steps up to offer his own advice for college students who can’t seem to afford $50,000 a year: “Shop Around, get a good price!”  I’m not making this up, that is his plan to tackle the skyrocketing costs of colleg tuition—“Shop Around, Get a Good Price!”. Yeah I hear you can get into UCLA on a Groupon special now.

We take a closer look at Mitt Romney and his penchant for projecting his worst qualities onto his political opponents. It is fun to listen to Mitt pretend to be outraged over Barack Obama’s flip-flopping.  As my friend Kevin Seccia says “Lying is always funny”, which is why Mitt may be the funniest politician in America.

Hilary Rosen made some good points about Ann Romeny not being in touch with working women and the challenges Moms who work outside the home face. Of course it was intentionally misinterpreted by Mitt Romney in order to make some cheap political points. Luckily we have a free press that immediately debunked this phony outrage and kept voters attention on the real issues of this campaign.

Okay, so that didn’t happen. The press just kept repeating the phony outrage instead of debunking it, allowing cynical pricks to control the political conversation in America for almost two weeks. And that is how you end up with a country that is firing teachers by the thousands while still spending billions on wars nobody wants and  bonus-ing criminal bankers.

Plus Phone calls!!! from Rick Perry welcoming me to Austin texas for the Moontower Comedy Festival April 25-28, and Mitt Romney calls into twice to be an affable asshole.

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With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura

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Today’s huge front-page New York Times story on Wal-Mart’s flagrant violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in wide-spread bribery of Mexican officials prompts the question: what will be the action from the Obama Justice Department? Prosecute Wal-Mart officials for what seems to be slam-dunk evidence of corruption and cover-up? Or find ways to “look forward” rather than back? Just throwing the story into the topic hat.

Keep up the great work, Jimmy and crew!

Jimmy’s intuition was spot-on when he said of the student loan crisis, “I don’t know what it is … but Wall Street certainly screwed something up .”
The financial industry had worked its special magic on the federal government over time to insure that lenders would be protected from any risks as issuers of student loans while at the same time be assured all the reward. A student loan is, in fact, one of the most toxic forms of debt. There are a number of reasons for this, but the primary one is that it is non-discharge able through bankruptcy. No matter what your personal or financial circumstances (with some exceptions), you will be hounded by the federal government, until your death, for the benefit of lending banks. Can you think of any corporate borrowing that could not be discharged or restructured for the benefit of the borrower? Neither can I. The importance of bankruptcy was understood by the framers of the constitution and has stood as one of the most important check and balance to lender’s actions. With bankruptcy (and no government underwriting of lender’s risk), predatory lending practices disappear and the bubble-like inflation of an asset, whether housing or college tuition, can’t sustain itself.

Don’t you hate it when people suggest ideas about future shows? So I won’t. This show, and prr are the only relevant news outlets. Thanks you are all brilliant!

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Thank you, Jimmy and Frank, for putting up a steadfast defense against Paul’s incessant devil’s advocacy.

Paul: Being a mother is a choice. Barring some kind of coercive force, which doesn’t seem to have existed in Ann Romney’s relationship, it is a *choice* for a woman to have a child – it’s even more of a choice to have FIVE. Being a stay at home mom is hard work, but being a stay at home mom with multiple luxury cars, servants, and maids is considerably easier.

The main point is this, though: Being a stay at home mom is, in objectively NO WAY, harder than being a mom who works a job. It shouldn’t take more than two brain cells to realize that. Ann Romney had the amazing luxury to *choose not to work*! She doesn’t have a boss, she doesn’t need to worry about getting fired, she doesn’t need to worry about how her child is being treated in daycare. Yet somehow you leap to her defense that her life is somehow “hard” in comparison to almost any other mother in America.

Paul, I’m sorry, but you’re my least favorite part of the show. If I wanted to hear milquetoast apologetics, I’d listen to NPR.

Steve: thanks for the link, how is it that the wallmart family can have 80 billion dollars and still be greedy pricks that care about no one?

Daveed: Thanks for confirming my intuition, much appreciated.

JOhn: Thanks for the compliment pal, what is prr?

MIke: you are a great person!

Evan: Thanks for breaking it down for us in such a concise manner. I hear you loud and clear and obviously you and I are on the same page.

I also share your frustrations with Paul sometimes, but I truly love having Paul on the show, not only because he is very funny and very smart, but because he has an open mind and makes a sincere effort to get things right. Of course he and I disagree on somethings, but I believe conflict is good for the show, and I am glad it is Paul making those points on the show instead of some teabagger.

I’m glad Paul started that debate. I thought it was a really great discussion.

Evan, sometimes I think Paul can be conscientious to the point where it can be a little draining, but it’s better than being an insulated jerk.
It was a good discussion, and I think Jimmy and Paul actually agreed but were emphasizing different points. Paul might have emphasized his point too much and missed Jimmy’s more important argument, but I’m sure he understands and agrees with what you’re saying. A show with 3 guys agreeing with each other on which people are dumb would be boring (which is most of the other shows on KPFK).
Conscientiousness and being and apologist aren’t the same thing.

The Nuge always makes me feel like shit for being a Damn Yankees fan, he never shoould’ve learned to play.