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The Jimmy Dore Show april 6, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show april 6,2012

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This Week:

Steve Rosenfield reminds us all that it is Easter, and asks us to remember that we aren’t all equal and our god is real and others gods are made up.

(Homo)Robo calls were unleashed in Wisconson to urge people to vote against “homosexuality” aka Mitt Romney,  and for “Straight Marriage” and a “Straight Military” aka Rick “I’m always thinking about gay guys penis’s” Santorum. We play the call  and it does amuse us.

Larry Platt is  the executive director of “Gun Owners of AMerica”, so right off the bat you know this guy is “down-to-earth” and sensible. He has my favorite take on the Trayvon Martin case, are you ready for this? He says that Trayvon Martin was at fault because, and I swear I am not making this up,  is was his responsibility to run away. Its just those kinds of mental gymnastics that keeps America winning the “death by guns” gold medal every year.

Ann Romney makes another gaffe.

Bill Oreilley is angry about the Trayvon Martin case.  No, he’s not upset that a 17 year old black kid was gunned down for no reason.  And no, he’s not upset that, to this day,  the killer has  not  been arrested or charged with a crime .  What Bill is upset about is that the media is keeping the spotlight on this case!  Yes, its funny that Bill never had time to be upset at any of the actually upsetting things about this case, but is outraged that others in the media keep reminding us that this horrible situation is still horrible.

Plus we play some tape from the  Bill Orielly show where  Geraldo Rivera was pointing out how Bill was exploiting a personal tragedy  to make a cheap poitical point,  you know, doing the exact thing Bill is pretending to hate about the Trayvon case.  Bravo.

Martin Luther King’s niece was a guest on FoxNews recently.  And why wouldn’t she go on fox?  I mean, who else is going to

MLK's Niece, Alevda King

lend credibility to a bunch of race baiters besides the niece of a civil rights leader who was gunned down by a white racist?  It is nice to see here take some time off from her usual crusade, turning women who are seeking abortions into criminals, to stop by foxnews and call Trayvon a “late abortion”.  Again, not kidding.

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If your people have been playing against a stacked deck for four centuries, you get to play the race card.

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