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The JImmy Dore Show Aug. 11, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show Aug 11,2011

With Frank Conniff, Mike MaCrae, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for hepping us to the Dylan Ratigan meltdown. Congress being owned is what I’ve been saying for YEARS; you can literally count on one hand now how many Senators would be willing to do the right thing and risk not getting reelected. And not only did Ratigan just grouse, but he proposed an actual concrete strategy for changing the game.

On the Murdoch front, we should really be getting to the bottom of the corruption in the U.S. now that he has a former DOJ Assistant Attorney General representing him. I’m sure our not having found anything yet is simply further proof that he ran a clean operation here in the States! What could US law enforcement be afraid of? I mean, it’s not like somebody’s going to get into trouble here, like they did at Scotland Yard…

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Jimmy, sorry for this long post, but having thought about the “Ratigan Rant” this past week, I have to get this off my chest:

Most reasonably intelligent people had a major problem with the bank bailout; that we saw that as a BIG missed opportunity to clean up the management at America’s financial institutions (“Want the money? Management team has to change, just like the car companies; you pick a successor management team with a proven track record of being risk averse, and then we approve them, in the same way you sit in judgment on loans and others sit in judgment on ratings…”) But we cynically know that that was off the table because it might have threatened Obama’s funding for his reelection (just imagine if we had a leader who was willing to risk that? Big sigh…)

Now the handling of this debt ceiling thing by the Obama team is also utter BS. Anybody with half a brain knew at least MONTHS AGO (!!!) that the House was NOT going to cooperate with anything realistic. So what has been the Obama team’s approach? “Well, we’ll warn them that it will be on their heads if they don’t finally agree, and we’ll wait and see what happens by the deadline…” VALUABLE TIME WAS WASTED!! What Ratigan suggested in his rant that you played on this show (taking it to the people…) should have been commenced AT LEAST half a year ago, because anyone with half a brain knows “the ship turns in the harbor real slow…”. And he could have used the previous outcome of the healthcare negotiating process as proof positive for the American voters that no deal was to be realistically expected of the House to _help_ resolve the financial crisES (note the plural…)

I believe that the only thing that _might_ save the U.S. now is a type of French Revolution; I know it probably won’t work and another brutal dictator may very well arise from its aftermath, but I also KNOW the path we are on now or any of the RNC candidates have charted (including Ron Paul…) won’t work either!! We can’t expect “real change” until you have a political process instituted that virtually guarantees a level playing field with regards to media access for _all_ prospective campaigning representatives demonstrating a serious commitment on their part to organize (through petitions, etc.); as opposed to the loop we are stuck in now, where funding for media access, including getting the word out on the Internet (big surprise: that takes serious money too…) requires such a level of capital that a Congressman easily becomes betrothen to lobbyists.

By the way: have a look at the Onion article “American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress”; not a crazy idea, but seeing that the money raised would get into the hands of any lobbyists sincerely representing the interests of all Americans might be a dubious undertaking.

With regards to Ron Paul as a candidate: he was technically proven right (so far?) about committing to a gold standard, but it would have been a virtual impossibility to bring it about with the current Congress and NEAR TERM (!) funding constraints. [For that matter, there are much more stable things you could use to back the currency with than gold; there is “no bridge” to go from the argument that gold is _more stable_ than Fed policy to the one that gold is an intrinsically stable basis for the US currency…] Jon Stewart’s showing him being ignored by the press was just more proof that those media outlets are owned by the RNC, who in their “wisdom” feel he is unelectable in a final showdown with the Dems, because their “stoopid” (i.e., super stupid) core constituency doesn’t completely embrace him.

Perry is completely self-destructing, as I expected; he’s got the stupid vote but he’s way too much of a horrible reminder for half of America of Bush. Romney will probably get elected after the Obama team gets discredited more for having played hooky on jobs programs and the economy, and for being willfully naieve about the Republican Party (including their manipulated splinter group called the “Tea Party”, and their corporate offshoring shadow operatives…), who have demonstrated for decades that they will take no responsibility, nor prisoners.

The “Tea Party” is just a clandestine rebranding effort by the Republican-types whose own party has been completely discredited…

P.S. Some economists argue that jobs programs don’t kickstart the economy, only major outside events can; they point out that the WPA didn’t get us out of Depression, but getting WWII military contracts did. Maybe WPA, TVA, etc. didn’t fix the economy, but they sure got Roosevelt and his party reelected to see real change through. Now Obama’s economic team (including Summers…) is beginning to realize that that will be essential to seeing a recovery through; TOO LATE! They should have started WAY MORE of such programs at least a year ago, on the heels of the Lehman meltdown; but I guess they felt that to deploy WPA-like programs might have “rattled” consumer and market confidence, getting people to start realizing that things were very serious? So how’s your consumer and market confidence doing NOW???

Hey, if Obama pulled off a miracle catch-up for his playing hooky on jobs programs and for his taking it to the American people, I would certainly give him another chance. But I just don’t see any realistic resolution to our problems now through the existing political process in America. We have to start over; Thomas Jefferson was proven right… (OK, I know in advance what you will say to that, TV’s Frank: “That we should have more love children with slaves?”)