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The Jimmy Dore Show Aug 4th, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show Aug 4,2011

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With Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Please talk about this bs. Young Girl Explains the Debt to Dad – RightChange

Why are you picking on that local news crew for their story on clown college? We all do things to help our alma mater.

Re: We should just have a Republican President to promote change

Hey Jimmy, why stop there? Why not just foment total anarchy to promote “real” change??

This nihilistic argument you make reminds me of leftists who showed up for the anti-RNC campaign in 2004; they stated that it was a big mistake to back Kerry, that Bush would bring about change faster for the left by discrediting the right.

I by no means kid myself that four years of Kerry would have been a picnic; but I think there would have been far less damage done to America by now than Bush’s reelection has caused.

McCain being elected in 2008 would have meant even more damage to America by now than Obama (although McCain SHOULD have been elected to the Republican nomination in 2000 and maybe he could have averted the even bigger Bush nightmare back then…); I think you have to understand and accept that a better America anytime soon (10 years?) is just not in the cards, and won’t be until a unique innovation occurs here (similar to the NASA=–>PC=–>tech revolution of the 80s and 90s), and what we have to do for now is accept a long fight for TRIAGE for the poor. The rapacious pigs who own the media (and are now trying to curtail Internet rights of whistleblower protections) will fight having to help the poor and lower classes every step of the way, but that’s all that can be done for now.

If you’re expecting that we can bring about enlightenment to a country that not only elected the Bush squad in the first place, but reelected them in 2004 AFTER HAVING WITNESSED FIRSTHAND THE ABJECT FAILURE OF THEIR FOUR YEARS OF STEWARDSHIP -sorry, I don’t know what other delicate way I can put this: you’re crazy. You’re a very good comic, but I don’t think you’re being realistic about what is possible for politics in America.

The only other way change could happen is if law enforcement suddenly got into the political corruption act in a big way, similar to what happened during Watergate. Problem is, that deck is now stacked. Instead of a “Saturday Night Massacre”, nowadays you’d have a “Saturday Night Pajama Party” [read Harvey Silvergate’s article on that; it’s in this radical publication called “Forbes”…]

You listened with astonishment to the tripe that those “news” shows served up; that is the quintessential problem of America, an uninformed majority. You have a majority now that will tune into that as if they just got out from surgical lobotomy; what can be done about a voting majority that is made up of people like that? OK, one sign of hope is now Murdoch is starting to be found out (no thanks to U.S. law enforcement…) and Fox News may eventually get scaled back somewhat. But MSNBC, CNN, are more than ready and willing to continue carrying the banner for the majority of stupid people of America…

Thanks for the link Bobby, and nice joke Tony!

ANd Observer makes a lot of good points. But I am thinking about how GOv Scott Walker in Wisconsin helped wake up the base and the low information union members like the firemen and policemen of Wi who voted him into office in the first place.

Yes, UNION PEOPLE ENDORSED SCOTT WALKER IN THE 2010 ELECTION. And now they see what they voted for becuase they were too stupid to know it before I guess, and now they have no union rights and maybe that will remind them who is on their side.

Thats what I am saying, right now, Obama is governing like a Republican, and I say if we are going to be governed like a republican, then lets let a republican do it and develop a strong opposition party.

A democrat that institutes republican programs and policies is worse than a republican cuz there is no way to organize the opposition to those policies. I hope I made myself clear.

Thanks for listening to what I was trying to say.

It was great the way you pointed out how O’Reilly changed the subject when discussing the Murdoch affair two weeks ago. That’s what all these plutocratic media outlets do. You just have to keep bringing the real subject back up, and don’t be discouraged when most of the dummies don’t get it. John Stewart’s discrediting of Glenn Beck as a complete mental case showed it can be done. But that wasn’t done in one or two shows; I believe Stewart was working on that for a year (and of course he has a larger audience than you; can you get a Comedy Channel deal too?)

I think your observation when you had Obama in the sketch say “who else are you going to vote for?” was point well taken! That’s been the Modus Operandi of many Democratic party members. Almost all of Congress has been bought; so what non-violent way is left to flip the table and bring things back to policy that has longer term goals and shared purpose for most Americans? I think your show does a great job at shining a spotlight at the sophistries of the conservative PR agencies (I love their latest talking point, “job creators”); I also think A LOT more whistleblowing by conservative insiders needs to be done. For example, Watergate was just such a whistleblower coup. When that will happen, I can’t say; but your and other people’s incessant efforts at revealing the inconsistencies of The Big Lie could only help at convincing them to switch sides…

Glad to hear NJ Governor Chris Crisco is felling better. Rumor has it that Crisco will use funds cut from much needed programs to install mirrors in select urinals in the capital. This to facilitate his study of trickle down economics and figure out why he keeps getting his shoes wet.

Well, when PATCO, the air-traffic controllers union, endorsed Reagan in 1980, it was in part stupidity (no one who worked with the controllers in the FAA was too impressed with them, taken on average) and in part rage at Carter (and in part that they were all solidly in the upper middle class and looking for tax cuts that Raygun promised). And you saw how that worked out for them.

But PG is correct…the Democrats simply tend to cave more noisily when the GOP is in power. Again, I’ll note, that it would help if Obama had come from any political culture where the Democratic Party wasn’t the Business (and Business as Usual) party. He’s never been a progressive and clearly never will be one.

This last show proved just how incredibly and ridiculously delusional you all are. You going to blame the S&P downgrade on the Tea Party in your next segment too? The Tea Party capitulated. You’re just spewing forth a bunch of rhetoric. My God, what the hell are you talking about? Get a grip Dore!

LONDON (The Borowitz Report) – News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch blasted the British rioters today, telling reporters, “These people are criminals. If you don’t believe me, listen to their voicemails.”

Mr. Murdoch said that although he had been listening to the rioters’ phone calls for days, “I had no idea that they were actually going to go through with something this beastly.”

Some of the comments above and some from the show talk about Democrats ‘caving’ and buying into the republican agenda. The Democrats do not cave, they believe in what they are doing. They are traditional liberals, they believe that society should be run for the benefit of the few and that the poor deserve their fate, the only difference between them and the Republicans is that they realize they can’t simply shoot poor people when the poor people object. In as much as they espouse socialistic or progressive values it is because they want to keep poor people down by buying them off, so it is no surprise that Obama and crew want to dismantle Social Security if they can. Their goal is to do the absolute minimum to avert the threatened deluge. On a related note Jimmy, you made a comment about communism and the joke was that one guy owned everything, that isn’t communism, that is capitalism. Communism says that the poor should run the society and that ownership of the means of production should be in the hands of the producers (who we call workers) and that all production should be done for the benefit of society as a whole, rather than for the benefit of the wealthy few. If you read what the communists say, I suspect you would find that you are far more sympathetic to their ideas than to the false ideals of classical Liberalism

Listening to your podcast all the way from Romania and I love how you put things. How everything makes sense even to someone that doesn’t even live in the US and has never heard of most of the US politicians. Keep speaking the truth Jimmy, the world is listening.

Jimmy does a better Jay Leno….than Jay Leno

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