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The Jimmy Dore Show august 10, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show aug 10, 2012

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Thats me.


Turns out the Queen is a real cut up!

The Olympics are happening and I can not stop watching them, so we play some clips that show just how ridiculous the coverage has been.

And how ridiculous has it been? Well, did you know, according to Merideth Vierra, that  the Queen of England has a “wicked sense of humor”?  Yep, that was really said by someone being PAID to say things on television. Oh sure the Queen has a wicked sense of humor, but it doesn’t come out until  after she’s had a few drinks and starts going off about the immigrants. 

Twitter is being talked about non stop by the NBC announcers also. I find it kind of annoying when I am watching  the most celebrated sporting event in the world, and announcers keep stressing the athletes Twitter followers to let us know just how important these games are.  What did we do before twitter? How did we know things were important? The answer is –WE DIDN”T!

Trump: Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Donald Trump went on Gretta VanSusters show to announce that he is being honored by the Republican party of Florida as their “Statesman of The Year”. Of course, the Republicans’ idea of a “statesman” is any GOP politician who hasn’t been arrested in an airport men’s room. 

Wow, Statesman of the Year.  And that’s on top being the Douchebag of All Time.   In this interview Trump  puts on a display of neediness and insecurity that is embarrassing even by Trumps standards. 

Harry Riedhas taken the gloves off and is making the charge  that Romney has paid no taxes in the last 10 years. Of course Romney and the republicans are screaming bloody murder. And yes, it is kind of funny that the party that has been running around for the past 3 years asking to see the presidents “Long Form” birth certificate, college records,

Harry Reid: A liberal who won’t back down, confuses media.

passport records, has a problem when someone asks to see their nominee for presidents tax returns. 

Even the media is confused by Harry Reid not backing down and have started to compare Reid to Sen. Joe McCarthy.  Yeah, accusing someone of being a communist, blackballing them from employment and ruining lives is the same thing as asking a billionaire running for president to release his taxes. Another nice false equivalency  by the mainstream media. 

BONUS:  Mike MacRae delights us with another spot on impression of Mitt Romney and his answers to why his campaign is sucking so badly, in a hilarious sketch written by “TV’s Frank”, Frank Conniff. 


With Stef Zamorano, Steve Rosenfield and Carl Kozlowski.

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OMG @ 42:00 Louie Gohmert
“The biggest disaster to the coastal area came not from the oil escaping, it came from the order of this president to have a moratorium on shallow water drilling….”

Thanks for the show Jimmy! Good job on the rant Stef! Im not a big fan of the torture, but I am all for capital punishment for capital crimes. I hope you are watching Max Keiser, he’s right there with you.

Now I see what you mean by having a conservative on each week. You mean you are going to have a conservative on each week. It seems so obvious now. Can I make a suggestion? ’cause I love sticking my nose into things I know nothing about and thinking up obvious ways to make your show not funny. Can you keep pushing harder on the boundaries of left-right paradigm your country is stuck in. How do you do that? I don’t know. Since you are hosting, maybe ask them to come up with some point they disagree with you, or the left, on. Then task yourself with defending that position. Try to drive the conversation to the core premise that you disagree on.

For instance the definition of small business. I argue with my buddy’s dad that government should not! “get out out the way of small business”. Its because when I hear small business I think of Walmart, in the same way I think of the Tennessee ash flood when I hear “Clean Coal”. Walmart sucks all of the wealth out of any community it comes in contact with. It drives down the price of goods because of its slave labour manufacturing and its minimum wages jobs. Thanks god for a minimum wages. I’m sure you know this, but it is worse when you know that the wealth is not only sucked out of your community, but out of your country as well.
When my buddy’s dad hears “small business” he thinks of the corner store, locally owned, operated and lived in by someone from the community. Once this definition is sorted, the tone of the conversation changes drastically, everybody puts down their broken beer bottles, and we get back to enjoying a lovely meal.

Also Jimmy, I would love to hear you talk about women’s badminton. Badminton: Match Fixing Scandal Once explained, I think everyone can relate to this ‘scandal’. Here the players are stuck in a system where they are forced to act against their own interests and are punished when the integrity of a poorly designed system is at stake. Please read this. it looks at the problem from a game theory perspective. Comedy Gold!!! I’m sure.

Thanks buddy.

How about some love for MoxNews. More videos than Crooks and Liars with none of the pro-establishment propaganda and douche baggery.

The note that Stephané makes about the renessaince bankers is a good one, an observation has to be made though. In those times the bankers actually owned the banks and were responsible for it’s success with their personal assets, Jamie Dimon and Hank Paulson etc. are just CEO’s. Lately they’ve been funneling most of the profits to themselves through bonuses but they do not actually have legal say over the issues, this is why the shareholders meetings of the big banks should be pressured to make drastic changes on the practices of their companies. It couldn’t even be argued from the right as it is the real free market way to have an effect.