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The Jimmy Dore Show august 31, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show August 31, 2012

Thats me.

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Mitt tells birther “joke”.

Chris Hardball  actually calls Mitt Romney out for his blatant race baiting,  a truth that is   obvious to everyone except news people.  But  Chris Hardball  made the mistake of doing it in front of  Tom Brokaw, who  disagrees with him and quickly sets the  journalistic universe right again with a million dollar false equivalency.

Then we get to witness a room full of  corporate assholes “newspeople”run from the truth at full speed, and manage to  leave the viewer thinking that race baiting is somehow  a problem that both parties have to deal with. Its the Fourth Estate at is worst, with the exception of Chris Hardball, as unusual as that may be.

Ryan’sLies Debunked by FOXNEWS!

Paul Ryan gave a speech that broke records for lying and misinformation.  He was so egregious that even FOX NEWS debunked  and humiliated him.

Tells workers to “tighten their belts”.


Mike MacRae  cracks us up with a show favorite Chris Christie  phone call, and  Ron Paul calls into to explain his refusal to lend his full endorsement of Mitt Romeny and denounce his sone Rand.  Both hilarious calls written by Frank Conniff!


do my homework

WIth Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae,  

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Hi Jimmy, great stuff as always. I’d just like to point out one, small historical detail that you seem to always overlook when you talk about the Nazis. Namely, the part where the entire Western world was ready to let Hitler get up to whatever he wanted, just as long as he went after “those godless Commies”. Remember, the United States didn’t even want to join the worldwide fight against fascism until 1941! So, please…remember that small part next time. You might also mention the fact that between two thirds and three quarters of the German war machine was fighting the Soviet Union by the time D-Day came about.

Hey buddy,

Could you ask Mitt, if elected, would he pursue prosecution against Obama for war crimes. Maybe point out that, technically, if there was such a thing, Obama maybe guilty on a few different fronts. These include drones/targeted assignations, continued torture at the us concentration camps, bombing Libya, etc. Certainly enough evidence for a show trial. It would be interesting to hear Mitten’s real reaction but I’m sure Mike MacRae’s would be just as entertaining.

Here is one example on torture:
Jeremy Scahill: “Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama”
“And while Barack Obama, almost immediately upon taking office, issued an executive order saying he was going to close down Guantanamo within a year and that he was going to respect the Geneva Convention while his administration reviewed Guantanamo, this force has continued to operate and torture prisoners under the Obama administration. ”

I think if asked, Mitt would be facing with an interesting dilemma. If the idea was out front with the public, it would certainly knock Obama off his “goody two shoes” throne. Assuming that this is the majority view for people that are still getting their news from TV and are not follow the destruction of civilization. In other words, the people that the candidates write their speeches for. Chuck Todds … Chuck Todds everywhere.

Calling Obama out may even bring a lot of people to Mitt’s side, but that’s only important if votes counted, which they do not. I shouldn’t say that. It’s probably still necessary to have a plausible win to cover up the fraudulent election. Anyway, if I was convinced he would actually enforce laws against these elitist criminals, he may even sway me to his side. Although saying what he would do as president has nothing to do with what will be done. It would be pretty hard to get my hopes up ever again.

The downside, along with the problem of injection some honesty into the debate, is the idea of holding Obama accountable brings up idea of holding past administration(s) accountable. I’m sure Mitt doesn’t care. His hands are clean of those crimes. However, his backers probably feel strongly about keeping that possibility under the boot. For instance Karl Rove is back, but more behind the scenes. I’m pretty sure he’d be against it. Then they’d have to find a way to say Obama wasn’t a war criminal in a way that said “Obama is war criminal!!” to fire up all the people that think Obama’s a foreign born terrorist, you know, Mitt’s base. I’m sure Frank Luntz could work something out.

Speaking about Romney’s base, that birther joke was directed right at them. How about a word on that joke’s set up. Fuck me! My toaster sounds more human. All Mitt needs to do is bring up the idea of birth or being born. This speech took place in the city of his birth and he completely mangled it. He sounded so disingenuous. I’m starting to have my doubts he was even born. I imagine he was assembled in some deep underground bunker by a vast army of previous versions. No one knows hows the whole process started.

Id be more inclined to forgive him if I thought it was a speaking problem. It takes practice to speak well and its a skill I don’t have. I could be biased, but I bet that joke was written down for him exactly the way he said it:

1010. Say:”I love being home.”
1020. Say:”In this place where Anne and I were raised.”
1030. Say:”Where both of us were born.”
1040. Say:”Anne was born in “+ Hospitals[WifeUnit.HospIndex].Name+”.”
1050. Say:”I was born in ” + Hospitals[this.HospIndex].Name+”.”
1060. Hold: 0.24321 * 1000.
1070. If(APPLAUSE > .345f) GOTO 1200
1080. Say: “I loved eating human food at ” + this.Prefs.RESTURANTS[0].NAME +”.”
1090. LookAt: TroglodyteCarbonUnit[ rand.Next(TroglodyteCarbonUnit.Length) ].Eyes
1100. Emote: Emotions.Happy|Emotions.Touched
1110. If(APPLAUSE < 0.153f )
1120. KILL_BOT_MODE: on
1130. FOR(i =0, i < TroglodyteCarbonUnit.Length, i++)
1140. Target:TroglodyteCarbonUnit[i]
1150. Emote:Emotions.Anger|Emotions.Loathing|Emotions.Pity
1160. FutureDroneTargetList.Add(this.currentTarget.Image)
1170. END // For i

1190 GOTO 3000
1200 Say:No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate.
1210 Say: They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.

3000 SpeechMode:off

Thanks again for the show and thanks for letting me vent. Longer shows, more often!! Your doing good work.

Your obese fan,

I love and need your show. It’s very unusual for me to point out a incorrect use of concepts, especially from a group of people who are so good at pointing out ways of looking at things I had not considered. Your show is very thought provoking. But Time magazine’s Man of Year has never been a term of, or used as a reference point of endearment or popularity. Stalin, Mao, Ayatollah Khomeini even the computer have all shared this title and notoriety. It simply means that the person, or thing, has affected the world, and therefore news, more than anyone else in that year. CNN, MSNBC even the annelid hermaphroditic troll on the radio at noon has done this.

Please continue to educate and tell the other side of the story with your insightful outlook.

Thanks again. I’m a huge fan!!!

Zach, good point, I will try to point that out more often.

David, if only votes counted!

John: yes, another good point, I will remember that next time.

How votes are counted and why it is necessary for the establishment to promote a plausible win.

Awkward: Democrats, God, & Jerusalem

Now that the election is over this stuff is even funnier. Thank you for these ha bisky podcats I love them.