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The Jimmy Dore Show december 1, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 1, 2011

This Week:

With: Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura

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Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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In addition to delivering the usual, on-target political insights and damned funny comedy, your show went a step further this week and was especially thought-provoking for me. Twice, I was able to connect your show with a deeper understanding of what I’ve learned from other sources.

First, the Neal Cavuto clip and your panel’s collective observations on what he was implying. I agree with all that was said, but it is even more ironic, because, Cavuto, by honestly stating the negative effects of violently suppressing peaceful protesters, was almost quoting verbatim from Prof. Gene Sharpe, the Harvard professor recognized as the modern architect of how to successfully wage non-violent struggles against authoritarian regimes. (He is often cited as the inspiration behind the Arab Spring’s non-violent challenges to authoritarian leaders in the Middle East.) Cavuto, in effect, was using Prof. Sharpe’s methods in reverse as a way to defend the authoritarian status quo, and by doing so he was validating Sharpe’s concepts and methods for successfully waging a non-violent struggle! By not saying where his “insights” came from, but instead just saying that the use of violent, repressive actions was weakening the position of the state – he was actually conceding the moral superiority of the position taken by the protesters. What an amazing admission from him! I think he outsmarted himself on this one! And WTG, Fox News!!!

Second, Paul Gilmartin pointed out that working people are corrupted by the fear of job loss/mortgage default/home eviction. This same point came out in an online presentation that I viewed recently. ( The English sociologist David Harvey made the observation that in he 20th century, home ownership became an integral part of the “American dream”, and that this was unique among Western countries. It was his opinion that this was deliberately promoted as a strategy to prevent worker protests and strikes. Clearly, the fear of losing one’s house and property would serve to keep workers “in line” and demotivate them from challenging their employers in any meaningful way. And given a moment’s thought, this claim makes sense to me at least, since that sort of looming fear would never exist for workers who were simply tenants in rental properties.

Again, a most enjoyable and thought-provoking program! And special kudos to Mr. Dore and Mr. Gilmartin for making me laugh and THINK!

Jimmy Dore!!

Big fan here. I saw this and thought of you. as well as taking the time to articulate the many problems with this ‘movie’ they also equate this movie with the finical fraud.

Another thing they point out is that this movie isn’t really a movie, but more of an advert disguised as a movie.

Doesn’t that ring true for so much that is going on? The republicans debates aren’t really debates. Fox (all news channels for that matter) aren’t really news. Democrats and Republicans aren’t really concerned about what is best for the people they represent. And its not limited to politics. Food isn’t really food. In redletter media’s review of Captain America they talk about McDonald’s hamburger not really being a hamburger, but its also true with seeds. Seeds are now designed to grow sterile plants so you have to buy them each year. They are not really seeds.

I think this sort of deception can be applied to almost everything.

The stock market isn’t really a market. Its controlled and milked by high frequency trading way before it gets to anybody not in the loop. It pretends to be a price discovery mechanism where as it is just price setting casino.

The free market isn’t really a free market. There is the illusion of competition, but not really any competition. Go but a drink at a store. It looks like there are thousand of drinks all competing for your dollar, but look at the back of the bottle and you find they are all made by coke or pepsi.

I think this deception includes but is more than just the Orwellian corruption of language. Its the actual thing that is corrupted not just the word. I bring this to your attention because its an idea I hope you think about and maybe share a couple of words on the subject.



Please share this information with everyone ont the show; Andy Fell is not “the senior information officer” for the UC Davis police. He is A “senior public information REPRESENTATIVE.” One of four people in the news media outreach program. His specific duties have NOTHING to do with the police; he is responsible for being the “Physical and biological sciences and engineering writer.” In light of what his job is and hearing how he responded to you without wanting to give anything descriptive not to mention the fact you said he was handed his boss’ cell phone, it seems like what happened was he was told to just handle it and was in no position to do so.

Seriously, I’m a little upset that after the link I provided you are still misrepresenting his job and pulling salary figures out of your a$$.

So Jimmy called him a “senior information officer” and you’re calling him a “senior information representative”… is that much different? That seems like a semantic difference of not much importance..?

Either way, if he has “nothing to do with the police”, then why in the world was he weaseling around admitting that the police were out of line in any way? We’ve all seen the videos and the only people claiming anything other than that are Sean Hannity and the usual suspects…

Shane and Fake Namo–I am very glad you liked the show, thanks for listening and for taking time to comment. IT is a high compliment that our show makes you laugh and think, and sometimes even think deeply.

Michael you win the “I missed the point of everything Jimmy was talking about” award. And I nominate you for the “poorest critical thinking skills” award too. You appear to be a lock for that one.

Instead of being properly embarrassed for defending someone who was a very vocal advocate for the brutalizing of peaceful students, you double down. Your continued defense of the Senior Information Representative from UC Davis is despicable. If you can watch that tape and then defend the cops brutalizing peaceful students then you are a reprehensible person.

I don’t know what you are getting out if it, but shame should be the biggest thing.

As suggested, I came over to to see some sweet “felled tree” pictures, and all I got was this lousy argument about some dude that Jimmy called on the phone. I call bullshit!

Jimmy – thanks for that call to the UC Davis “information officer.” While you did lose your temper, the UC Davis rep could have hung up at any time AND it was his job to be more informed than he was. I appreciate your passion and all that you do to expose the lies and hypocrisy in the mainstream corporate media. Keep up the good work. I will be donating to support your work as I miss having new episodes of Comedy and Everything Else! Keep up the good work for the progressives. I am an African American who is also disappointed in the lack of spine of President Obama.
A true fan.

Dial it back, Jimmy Dean!
Michael is measured and principled in his response,
and you go all Don Rickles on him.
No one should have to be a “spokesperson” for dirty cops, but the problem lies with the dirty cops and their managers.
Stop the high-tech pepper-spraying of functionary Andy Fell, and let him go back to telling people about the bake sale for the entomology department!

Jimmy this is the internet your at a 8 when you should be at an 11. Call the fucker back an tell him your going to piss in his cornflakes!

I thought the call was interesting. Its obvious Andy Fell is a sleaze ball paid to lie. I’m glad you called him out. What I liked is that he wasn’t polished at his job. I bet most of his time at that job was telling the truth and this situation stuck him in a hole and forced to put a smile on and starting digging. I have a little sympathy to him for that, but he was given an opportunity to stand with rest mankind and decided to sell his sole instead. Fuck him.

How about you step up you game. Call out that asshole shill David Frum on ‘HIS’ war crimes as part of the bush administration. You want a hard target that guy is a polished slim ball and is a slippery as hell. Im sure you know about the Teresa Strasser interview here is one with Glen Greenwald (Blogging heads sucks. I in no way endorse this website where a bunch of self serving conservatives jerk each other off while an wrongly confirming a distorted philosophy)


I miss Terese and Moron:-(

Jimmy, please actually read what I write in my posts. I’ve said I disagreed with Andy, said I agreed with you, said the incident was on its face disgustingly atrocious, said Andy copped out in what he was saying, and that the level of anger you displayed was not entirely uncalled for. The only things I’m getting upset about with YOU is that you at first misunderstood his position then moved on to misrepresent it to support your case against him.

Your entire point is two-fold: 1. His position puts him in a place to know the answers to your questions so he was willfully avoiding them; 2. He was defending the US Davis police’s actions and should not have, regardless of what jeopardy it may have put his job in. You over and over again misrepresented the man’s position by saying he’s THE senior information officer for the UC Davis police. The fact that he’s one of many information reps goes against what you’re saying about him being in charge over there. The fact that his job description says he is in charge of science and engineering information goes against your claim that he should be knowledgeable about the police’s procedures. So from where I sit, that utterly refutes number 1.

As for number 2, it’s really easy to tell another man to risk his job for a single phone call when you’re not in that same position. Really easy. When’s the last time you put your livelyhood on the line for your principles? You’re priviledged Jimmy; your job demands you speak your mind. It may sound all heroic to think about Andy saying he agreed that it was horrible, but in the end it would have been useless for him to do so and likely would have cost him his job which I can only guess at how easily he could replace.

As to your depiction of my posts, may I remind you that my initial post was simply to say that your calls with Andy put you in the position to be a bully, not that you were one. You guided the conversation away from that point. Just do me a favor, since you only focused on Spec’s comments this episode; let Paul, Frank, and whomever else is on the show read this comment either before the show or read it to them on it and then let’s see how they respond as they clearly were still under the impression Andy Fell was in charge of providing information to the press about the UC Davis police.

Jimmy, I love the show & look forward to it every week. Keep up the great work! I have to write, though, as a feminist professor that the usage of the word “douche bag” is not such a kind word toward women. It implies that these not-nice people, such as Cavuto, carry the residue of a washed vagina, and why should unsavory characters be associated with the wash water of vaginas? Language is a powerful force (as I know you know, considering your high intelligence), and these negative stereotypes are perpetuated through words without our realizing it (which is what ideology seeks to do in the first place!). Jimmy, I know you’re pro-woman, because I’ve heard your stance in relation to the Polanski case and your conversation with Greg Proops, but I just have to say, I cringe every time I hear that word. Love you madly though!


Did you know that douching is actually bad for the vagina because it flushes out the good bacteria which help fight against infections? Since it’s a negative thing I’ve heard many feminists in favor of it’s usage as a pejorative.

I risk my lively hood for my art every god damned day. I have been fired and not hired by plenty of people for doing the kind of comedy I do. Do you really think that being a progressive comedian with a social conscience is the “easy route” to success? Can you reveal yourself to be any worse at constructing logical arguments? I think not.

So while I am glad you like the show, debating the minutia of what you think was wrong with my show is very boring indeed.

Dude, the only point I came here to make was that you were in a position of power over Andy on that phone call which is true. You veered the conversation to these different topics, insulted my intelligence, and refuse to even attempt to understand what I said in response. If you don’t want to discuss it, don’t call me an idiot then claim I’m being to boring for you to respond to.

See, again Michael, this is what makes you so frustratingly boring. You are not only horribly bad at constructing arguments, but when I easily debunk them you never acknowledge it and then you pretend you were actually making some other point.

If you only came here to make ONE point, then why the boat-load of other points that you have littered this page with Michael? Were those just Bonus points you threw in for free?

You know, all the other points that I have been semi-politely debunking all along? Come on, you know, the points that even other people have stepped in to debunk. Yeah, those points MIchael. Those points

For heavens sake, just look at your previous post, absolutely choc’ full of points. I lost count of all the banal points you were poorly making in your most recent 4 paragraph post.

But you were only making ONE point. I got it.

Listen, this has been fun, good talk.

You’re right; I didn’t respond to your previous point about putting your livelihood on the line for your principles, and you’ve illuminated me of course in that I did not consider your situation fully before making my comments. So honestly; I was wrong and I’m sorry for offending you.

Just do me a favor; Share our exchange in this comment section and the previous episode’s comment section with someone you feel can offer you an objective take on it. I know you think you are 100% right about what you’re saying and about your view of me, but the level to which you’ve insulted me and dismissed me shows me you still seem to think I am against you and behind Andy which is not the case. You completely missed where I’ve agreed with you, where I’ve said you were in the right, and that the reason I’ve been writing lengthy responses to you is because I like your show and what you do and didn’t want to just give you some cheap throw-away responses.

A big epiphany in my life was when I realized that sometimes when I feel the most right about being offended and angry oftentimes turns out to be when I’m the most mistaken. It helped to realize that when I didn’t want to take the time to see if I was right, it was really because I knew I wouldn’t like what I found.

Jimmy: Please, PLEASE don’t tone yourself down. Paul Gilmartin equivocates enough as it is (seriously, after anything funny I expect to hear Paul explaining why I’m wrong for laughing at it) – don’t pander to the folks that get butthurt about yelling at a senior university officer after students were injured.

The idea of calling what you did a high-tech pepper spraying, as another commenter has, is ridiculous on its face; last time I checked, repressing free speech (with chemical weapons, as you noted – the Geneva Convention categorizes pepper spray this way) is not the same thing as yelling at a paid representative of the organization repressing that speech.

Also, Kudos to Frank – he may be quiet, but he’s damn funny!

Good times!
In comedy, a little exaggeration will get the laughs –
of course the joke should have been “high tech badgering,” to be literally correct, not the two-fer of the Clarence Thomas reference along with the popular “pepper spray” –
but either way I got crickets.
I’d rather get really badgered by today’s brightest political comic than have a registered chemical weapon get all over me, but hey, that’s how comedy is this days – you’ve got to spell every goddamned thing out.
I think it’s kind of strange, all this emphasis on “senior information officer” and how much money he makes and all that – the guy’s a working drudge doing a nonsense job with mortgages and credit card overcharges just like me or you.
Again, to reiterate a minor but so far unacknowledged point, within the 99%, people make horrible associations for the sake of a living dollar. KPFK? Dirty in its Gary Null associations – but oh, that’s right, it’ all volunteer from the greatest collection of comics since, since, the George Goebel roast.
So how does this end – more righteous indignant badgering calls for the spokespeople for the Man, please!

Evan, I am with you on this. Especially since you are with me on this one. Your post puts it in the proper perspective. Thank you.

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