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The Jimmy Dore Show february 3rd, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 3, 2011

This week :

Mitt Romney doesn’t worry about the “very poor” ,  he calls in to explain what he meant  and it turns out exactly what we thought in the first place.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family research Council, super christian and all around piece of shit, turns up the heat and bashes gays and Muslims in the same sentence, but don’t forget he’s Chris Mathews “Pal”.

Paul Dean, who recently revealed she developed  adult diabetes three years ago, caused a bit of a stir recently when she was  seen eating a triple cheeseburger on a cruise ship .  She calls in to let us know how she is handling “Moderation”.

Mike MacRae does a great job on all the celebrity voices on this weeks show.

With Steve Rosenfield, and Jonathan Corbett.

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Very funny, dead-on takes from Rip Torn and the horrific Mitt Romney,great media finds, and an Obama supporter to boot – welcome! What planet have you been living on?
One correction – it’s “Michael Steele,” not “Richard” Steele, who must be some porn actor or something, or that might just be my projection, coming from when I called one of my children’s art teachers “Peter” as in Peter North – hope that never got caught…

Awesome show Jimmy. Since KPFK moved you, I have to listen online all the time now. Regarding Trump, when he said we should pillage the countries that we help he was just admitting to the reality of our policy, the whole point of our empire is pillage. Cheers! By the way, I highly recomend ‘Democracy for the Few’ by Michael Parenti, it’s political history of the US written in plain language from a left perspective.

Just letting you know, but the audio for all the podcasts on this site are always low volume. I have headphones on, and have to put the volume up to 80% just to hear it.

Martin: RIchard Steele is a boxing referee and I often make that mistake, thanks for the heads up.

Duke: I love Michael Parenti!

Kerrin: Sorry about the volume, I have been recording the show the same way for a few years now and you are literally the first person to mention this. I will ask around and see what I can do, thanks for listening!