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The JImmy Dore Show jan 26, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 26, 2011

This Week:

In case you were in the market for evidence democracy is a terrible form of government: The mob that shows up to

Republican Presidential debates seems to fit the bill. We take a look at the crazy audience reaction to rational statements and their acceptance of  hate filled rhetoric.

Morgan Freeman, who has been dating and having sex with his own grand daughter,  received a lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes and everybody pretended he is as dignified and moral as the characters he plays. So he calls in to explain what he was thinking when he got the award, and what silent message Sidney Poitier sent him,

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Herman Cain calls in to and begs us to send him some of our sweet Public Radio money so he can get back into the presidential race.

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae

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Outstanding show, as always! I heard the Paula Dean message and nearly split my sides when “she” inhaled those various food items. The mental imagery just floored me! I also think the new segment – the Rant – was taken to a new level by Paul Gilmartin. I don’t think you should go back to a purely improvised segment if you keep this in your show, Jimmy. It is far too good a vehicle for you and your talented group of comedians to express yourselves and focus on something that you feel needs to be clearly and forcefully stated. The knowledge and comic talents of each of your team could produce one, or two highly effective “rants” per show, with withering effectiveness. I would enjoy hearing any one of the talented individuals on your show deliver his, or her thoughts in a 1-2 minute soliloquy/monologue. This was deftly shown by Paul’s rant about Newt Gingrich – he absolutely pulverized that rotten SOB, and every word landed fair and square, and absolutely on target. BRAVO!

Shane, Mike MacRae’s Paula Dean was so funny that I had to put it in this weeks show too, just hilarious. I agree with you on the rant, and was very psyched to see that Paul had taken some time and written out his rant, it really floored me.

Thanks for listening, glad you like the show!

I’m gonna go ahead and follow Shane on this one. That was a great episode, Jimmy. I download the podcast every time it drops but I must have replayed this episode at least three times in one day. Please tell Paul that his rant was dead on! I say the next one should come from you. And just so guys know, I spread the word about this show every chance I get. As always, I look forward to Thursday. Thanks a million, Jimmy and Friends.

Hey Jimmy! Saw you at the Hot House back November, I was the one laughing. Been following the podcast ever since. This once a week thing is bogus man. I needs more Jimmy Dore.

You guys straight smashed it this week. I didn’t see the last Republican debate,your coverage blew my mind. The end of the empire unfolding, indeed.