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The Jimmy Dore Show july 13, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show july 13, 2012

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This Week:

thats me.

Mitt fails to connect with African Americans even though he promises to tip big at the airport

Mitt Romney gave a speech at the annual NAACP event and was booed. REALLY? I thought a billionaire born into privilege with a wife who teaches horses to dance would really connect. Romney acknowledged that many  barriers still exist for African Americans, especially in his neighborhood. Steve Rosenfield has a rundown of the entire speech.

2012 is the hottest year in recorded history, the 10 hottest years have all occurred in the last 12 years, and weather is going F’ing crazy! ( I hope you appreciated that I cleaned it up right there).

The worlds most incurious journalist.

So we ask world famous climate scientist George Will who has studied the issue and has concluded that its hot  because ” it is summer, get over it!”.  Its that kind of inquisitive mind and hard nosed  journalism that makes George Will so useful to the man.

Leon Panetta, like most Secretaries of Defense, lives by the credo “if you can’t enjoy invading countries and killing people, why even get up in the morning”. 60 minutes did a Puff -Piece on him and yet he still gets stumped by the first  question: “how many countries are we actively fighting in right now”.  He doesn’t’ know, which is very disturbing, but what really makes you feel horrible is that he laughed about it.  Hey, maybe the guy in charge of all the killing doesn’t’ get to cavalierly laugh about it.

Luke Russert: Worlds most successful intern

Luke Russert, the worlds most successful intern, has been our least favorite reporter for some time. If you read Huffington Post then you already know everything that Luke is about to tell you. He gets caught at being horrible at his job by Martin Bashir when he gets asked a direct question about the antics of the congressional republics. It is a pretty amazing example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with the 4th estate. LEts remember that he is being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to be a “newsman”.

Jim Earl reads from his new hilarious book of obituaries of famous dead people “Mourning Remembrances”.

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Yeah its weird that a race baiter who basically said afterwards that he was booed because the lazy, uppity, negros just wanted more free stuff, didn’t go over well at NAACP.

George Will is a piece of crap. “Its summer. Get over it.” Tell that to the families of the 32 people who died from the extreme heat. What’s he going to say when the next super storm hurricane hits, or the next extreme string of tornados hit, or the ocean levels rise?? Millions/billions of dollars in damage and hundreds of dead people later… “Get over it?” Piece of crap.

Hottest in “recorded history”?

I guess that means that the times of the Roman Empire and Middle Ages weren’t recorded, as it was hotter then than it is now:

“How did the Romans grow grapes in northern England? Perhaps because it was warmer than we thought.

A study suggests the Britain of 2,000 years ago experienced a lengthy period of hotter summers than today.

German researchers used data from tree rings – a key indicator of past climate – to claim the world has been on a ‘long-term cooling trend’ for two millennia until the global warming of the twentieth century.

This cooling was punctuated by a couple of warm spells.

These are the Medieval Warm Period, which is well known, but also a period during the toga-wearing Roman times when temperatures were apparently 1 deg C warmer than now.

They say the very warm period during the years 21 to 50AD has been underestimated by climate scientists.”

Agree recorded history wouldn’t include those eras. Those temperatures were deduced or were estimated from other evidence but aren’t from records of temperature data taken by humans at those times. (Recorded temps probably go back less than 100 yrs if I had to guess).

Also the earth has gone through many temp changes it doesn’t prove what the cause of recent temp changes are. Many animals went extinct before humans but it doesn’t mean human activity can never or has never contributed to the extinction of an animal species.

I personally do not have problems with your show’s fat jokes (and earlier in your show gay jokes were also defended) but think you might find this relevant. Paul Campos compares gay discrimination/fat discrimination (I paraphrase to shorten):

“In the traditional model (and still for most cultural conservatives), gay people choose to be gay. The analogy with fat prejudice is obvious…that fat people choose to be fat. “Everyone knows” how to stop being gay: Stop having gay sex. Everyone also knows how to stop being fat: restrict caloric intake and increase activity levels, forever. In both cases, you see, it’s a simple matter of a “lifestyle change.” And of course both arguments are correct: It’s perfectly possible, in theory, for people who strongly prefer to have sex with other people of the same gender to stop doing so, and become “normal.” It’s perfectly possible, in theory, for fat people to eat less, increase activity levels, become thin, and stay that way (become “normal,” i.e., thin)… but in practice almost no one in either category stays straight or thin, because it’s extremely difficult for gay people to limit themselves to either straight sex or abstinence, and it’s extremely difficult for fat people to transform their bodies into thin bodies and keep them that way.”

“It’s my belief that, in another generation or two or three, the casual fat hatred now flaunted by many an otherwise doubleplusgood-thinking liberal will look as shameful as the casual fag-bashing engaged in by his predecessors a generation ago.” – Campos

Campos (and others) have reported a lot of research that they claim shows that 1) being fat by itself is not unhealthy (except for at the very extremes) and 2) body fat/size is extremely hard to intentionally change permanently (this includes to increase – this article describes many interesting studies demonstrating this: )

I know your show is comedy and I don’t have a problem with the fat jokes and like I mentioned, earlier in the episode you also defended a certain type of gay joke. I also agree that Christie was very hypocritical in calling homosexuality decadent (there can be arguments that obesity also isn’t but in any case homosexuality isn’t).

Some most relevant/interesting quotes from the nytimes article:

– Hard to make thin people fat:

“…Dr. Ethan Sims wanted to know what would happen if thin people who had never had a weight problem deliberately got fat.

His subjects were prisoners at a nearby state prison who volunteered to gain weight. With great difficulty, they succeeded, increasing their weight by 20-25 percent. But it took them four to six months, eating as much as they could every day. Some consumed 10,000 calories a day, an amount so incredible that it would be hard to believe, were it not for the fact that there were attendants present at each meal who dutifully recorded everything the men ate.

Once the men were fat, their metabolisms increased by 50 percent. When the study ended, the prisoners had no trouble losing weight. Within months, they were back to normal and effortlessly stayed there.”

– Hard to make fat people thin:

“The only food permitted was a liquid formula providing 600 calories a day, a regimen that guaranteed they would lose weight…the subjects’ fat cells had shrunk and were now normal in size… but after leaving they all regained.

…fat people who lost large amounts of weight might look like someone who was never fat, but by every metabolic measurement, they seemed like people who were starving.

Before the diet began, the fat subjects’ metabolism was normal… But when they lost weight, they were burning as much as 24 percent fewer calories than someone naturally thin.

The Rockefeller subjects also had a psychiatric syndrome, called semi-starvation neurosis…They were anxious and depressed; some had thoughts of suicide. They secreted food in their rooms. And they binged.

“Those who doubt the power of basic drives, however, might note that although one can hold one’s breath, this conscious act is soon overcome by the compulsion to breathe,” Dr. Friedman wrote. “The feeling of hunger is intense and, if not as potent as the drive to breathe, is probably no less powerful than the drive to drink when one is thirsty. This is the feeling the obese must resist after they have lost a significant amount of weight.”

Your Romney and other skits are fantastic! I want to be able to share just those with friends to entice them to listen to the rest of the show.

as regards whether or not you guys should or should not make fun of Chris Christie’s weight – remember, this is a guy who when confronted with a question about job numbers going down in NJ by a woman in the audience responded ‘the only thing going down tonight is you honey’ (slightly paraphrasing but not by much) -so CC has no problem saying offensive things to his constituents all the time. That makes him fair game. He is almost a caricature of a bully- and he also knows exactly how to manipulate remarks about his weight to his advantage. I live in dirty Jerz (as we fondly refer to it) and one of the reasons Christie beat Corzine in the election was because Corzine made fun of Christie’s weight, it was really pointed out in the media here…..and people all over the state who struggled with weight issues or knew someone who did who were undecided…. mentioned that Corzine’s remarks about Christie were contributing factors in making up their minds to vote for Christie (or Governor Crispie Creme – my pet name for him, ….he’s a large man). I like my political commentary with a large dose of humor. If I wanted earnest or ‘politically correct’ I’d listen to a different kind of political podcast. I love the Young Turks too because they are funny as well as informative. So keep it up. I love the Tony Soprano voice for Christie also – should you stop that because it’s offensive to some people of Italian descent? It’s a new thing called comedy or as Mary Poppins would say ‘a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down’.

Frank is GOD! ….NEXT!

@Summertime: “Agree recorded history wouldn’t include those eras. Those temperatures were deduced or were estimated from other evidence but aren’t from records of temperature data taken by humans at those times. (Recorded temps probably go back less than 100 yrs if I had to guess).”

Wow, so scientists shouldn’t be able to rely on temperature data older than 100 years ago because it was deduced from ‘other evidence’…that would pretty much destroy the entire AGW hypothesis.

If we don’t know what the climate was like BEFORE humans pumped CO2 into the atmosphere (e.g. prior to Industrial Revolution) then we can’t say if the current climate conditions are due to human contributions or some other natural cycle.

@Dan “Wow, so scientists shouldn’t be able to rely on temperature data older than 100 years ago because it was deduced from ‘other evidence’ ”

Nowhere did I say that scientists shouldn’t use and rely on knowledge of temperatures from more than 100 years ago. I said when people say, “hottest year on record” they mean from temperatures recorded by humans.

Obviously scientists use information other than just what living humans record of their time, otherwise it would be impossible to make any guess at the age of fossils, or evolution, or age of the earth etc.

“…that would pretty much destroy the entire AGW hypothesis.” + “If we don’t know what the climate was like BEFORE humans pumped CO2 into the atmosphere…”

Natural climate changes doesn’t prove human activity cannot contribute to climate changes. If there are areas on earth that have naturally elevated radiation does it mean that measuring elevated radiation after chernobyl near the area means human activity could not have contributed to the elevation?

AGW hypothesis is not disproven by warmer temps in the past, however “warmest temps on record” (which I think is what is bothering you) doesn’t prove AGW by itself. (And scientists don’t use this as their only “proof”/reason to argue there is AGW).