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The Jimmy Dore Show July 21, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show July 21,2011

This week:

  • Anti-Gay Preacher says we need “HomoCaust”.
  • We cover Fox coverage of the Murdoch scandal,
  • Phone calls from Gov Chris Christie, Piers Morgan, Bill Oreilley,
  • with Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin, Mike MacRae
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Rupert questions. Does anyone else find it disturbing that Rupert has spawned some offspring? Will Rupert and James ever put their little pointed heads together and figure out who runs newscorp? Will TMZ and the Inquirer ever cover the Rupert sandal? Would the Inquirer cover it if Rupert flew in in a UFO? How about if Rupert flew in on top of a UFO like a pony? How about flying in on his wife’s broom? Do sharks have a pact to never bite each other? Will Harry Shearer’s Le Show’s apologies of the week become a hour long segment of Rupert’s apologies? Will the British except Rupert and company turning Scotland Yard into something that resembles the Tijuana P.D.? Just asking.

As a Texan, I’m hoping Rick Perry puts his 10-gallon cowboy hat into the presidential rodeo. He has a solution to every problem; pray! Not enough rain this year? Don’t bother trying to address global warming, just pray for rain, although with Texas’ obesity rates maybe a rain dance would be a more beneficial, though equally ineffective, way to deal with drought. I’ve recently been staying up way too late and surfing through the infomercials so I can go to sleep properly depressed and disappointed in Americans, but I’m starting to think that Rick Perry is doing the same and happened to catch the latest infomercial by Peter Popoff and co-opted it for his political policies. Popoff’s prayer combined with miracle spring water, a green cloth, or snake… er anointing oil can cure not only illness and injury, but also one’s debt with a “divine money transfer!” Who knows what other miracles it can create, perhaps it could also cure gay! Rick Perry seems all too willing to find out!
It’s a shame that perhaps our only hope(s) (Ralph Nader or Denis Kucinich) are hopeless.

very good comedian jimmy, good station.
we need to change washington dc now and soon.
imperative.long time democrat. we need to start
a new party. we need to shake what base we have
left,before it is to late.
long time union member
and hard worker
ps iam not voting for obama
unless he stands as a man with
balls.against the extreme right

I like the idea of “the full Soon Yi”…teenagers are always exploiting the hell out of middle-aged men, whether as adopted children (or their analogs) or as sex-partners, because the tender psyches of the innocent men can’t stand up to the sophisticated manipulation all 17yo girls can spring on them.

Hmm. Oh, yeah…that’s bullshit.

Which is too negative to leave by itself…Frank Conniff was on fire early on, and yet too pseudopragmatic by half when trying to apologize for Obama in the latter/middle…and I was glad you, Jimmy, weren’t letting any of the arguments he was making go unchallenged…there’s nothing more pragmatic about attempting to shove the lefties into the center-right than there is in trying to get the right wing of the Democratic Party to actually do something other than serve business interests.

Jimmy, you are right to suggest there is no reason to support Obama. In general the Democrats are no better than Republicans, they only appear to be better because of the role they play in America’s ridiculous electoral circus. Of course, to play the role convincingly, they occasionally have to appear to care about the suffering of the majority, so they can on occasion be forced by public pressure to improve the lives of average people, especially to stave off a real movement of the left. This is what FDR did, he adopted the rhetoric of the left to stop real change, but he had to do more than make speeches, times being what they were. But the Democrats do not care about people, they serve the very same masters and the Republicans do, and when Frank and others defend the alleged tactics of the Democrats (specifically on this show Obama) as a trick to win things for the people they are dead wrong. The trick is being played on the people, as you point out, Obama could do a lot better politically and electorally by playing to the left, FDR is good evidence of this. So you should not support the Democrats, but this does not mean you should vote Republican, the Republicans will do what Obama wants to do, just faster, you have to give up of the phony two party system.

Jimmy, why is it inappropriate to ask a comedian what their comedy is about? I would have posted this under the Laura Kilmartin entry but it’s not up yet.

Obama could get mojo by exciting his base and other voters by promoting and explaining progressive policies. Use the bully pulpit to raise public pressure on the legislators. If a large segment of the population was screaming for progressive solutions, congress would be shaking in its collective boots. Thats where Obama’s power comes from, the people that elected him.


Shouldn’t it be Homogeddeon?

Great show as always…

(not) MF

Governor Christie seems to have taken himself out of the running with a remarkably sensible statement this week:

It’s in response to criticism such as this:

Maybe he’ll call in this week and talk about it…

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Herbert Hoover (Mike MacRae) calls The Jimmy Dore Show

Oops…those links should be in the 8/4/11 episode comment section….

So the Illuminati supposedly the most secret society in the world makes public statements about their goals? Makes sense