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The Jimmy Dore Show July 28, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show July 28,2011

This week:

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with Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura, Mike MaCrae

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Doesn’t play on my iPad! Drat!

Yeah, iTunes is having an issue.

It’s not playing or able to be downloaded from here either. We’re jonessing!

I am on it!!!

Tried downloading on iTunes-No good, tried opening the mp3 from this page, am being told by my player that the file is corrupted. Can you re-post?

oops, while i was writing that last comment you were writing that you were on it. Sorry/Thanx!

related article to the oh My God moment from the show, in case there is any doubt, it will make you say OH MY GOD! As well as prove the point that Paul and others made about the real reason behind the O’Riely bit

Yay, it’s working now! Thanks for the quick fix!

Thanks, Jimmy.


Re: Making jokes about Winehouse: her drug abuse schtick always irritated me and I find rather tired; but I did find it pretty sad that it turned out that she died because she was struggling to quit (seizure withdrawal…) I can’t fault her for _trying_ to get cleaned up, so I don’t think the jokes about her death are such a great idea; that would be a schaudenfraude sort of thing -not _my_ cup of tea.

Re: Bummer being on so late on WBAI in New York: I think you would get much better exposure on the college stations; e.g., here in New York: WFUV (Fordham), WKCR (Columbia), WNYU.

This show’s political analysis was high quality; but not as funny as past shows. You are best when you attain both objectives: honest analysis+comedy.Compare last week’s show to this week’s; last week was much funnier. I know it’s hard to do, but just letting you know that it’s what people kill for.

If somehow you got more underwriting, I’m sure many of us would love to hear the show more often (maybe three times a week?) I know you need at least two days to pass to insure that you get enough material from news stories to work with.

P.S. Your “RSS feed” is busted (used “Thunderbird”); it would be helpful for checking when a new show is up…

I’m a progressive mom and I used to be a foster parent. Hell I even dated a closeted gay guy once. Still not qualified to run the country. Please don’t give me nuke codes.

Amazing the real Bill O’Reilly is far nuttier than the celebrity mimic. Don’t watch Fox news myself. The best day I had with the cable box is when I dug out the instructions a figured out how block channel the whole Fox mess. Thought that even Fox realized that a lot of their viewers were living in trailers. One hand on the generic beer or soda the other who knows where. Strange that O’Reilly would say anything offensive toward them. It almost seemed like he felt the poor were not suffering enough. Wonder what the viewers would think if there was a disclaimer at the bottom of the picture revealing how much O’Reilly gets paid. Another thing you will never see on Fox or anywhere else is how much of the wealth in this country is inherited. What to shut up a flat tax advocate? Just say sure “A flat tax on wealth would be great”.

I’m listening to this now, I’m in the middle of the OH MY GOD! segment. I fucking make less than $10k/year, I cannot find fulltime work anywhere, I constantly have to chose between food and bills and rent. OH MY FUCKING GOD

Well, like Bill said: if you’re going to be poor, you’re going to want to be poor in America! What do you want? To be in one of those cradle-to-gave northern European socialist countries where the taxes are so high? Where you can get healthcare and not starve??

Capitalism works great when we have a bubble, doesn’t it? That’s when they diminished the unions and the various safety nets.

And who’s fault is this mess? The 51% that reelected Bush? The wizards behind the curtain of the last administration? NOOOO! OBAMA!!


But I must say; in my opinion the current problems of America go back to the Reagan years, when much financial aid was permanently dispensed with; we are now experiencing the consequence of encouraging people to skip higher education and go straight into the workforce; most of America was cool with that when it happened, so in that regard we were complicit in facilitating the seeds of our ruin.

BE THAT AS IT MAY: Since we’re suffering, shouldn’t we be making the ones who caused and are still causing us to suffer (through their manipulation of the growing stupid majority…) get a taste of their own medicine now?

Bill O’Reilly never gave a $20 tip in his life. “I gave a guy 20 bucks the other day to do a thing.” Bowlshit. “A thing” = completely vague nonsense (like all his shit) that’s just passable enough for the casual listener to take it at face value. A guy who thinks microwave ovens are a luxury is not a $20 tipper. What a prick.

He says the norwegian’s not a christian – he’s not a christian, by his own logic. If saying you’re a christian doesn’t make you a christian, then what proof has he got? FUCK HIM.

This episode got me more effing mad than I’ve been in a long time. Thank Jimmy. Thanks a lot.
No really thanks a lot. Love the show.
By the way I am not spiritual but I am religious.

Oh and great job on the young turks.

This probably doesn’t matter – but I don’t think I was very clear with the post I just sent. I’m fuming a little.

Just meant that when O’reilly says the Norweigan’s not a christian because he doesn’t act like a christian, then, using that logic, how does Mr. Bill prove he’s a christian? Inventing a war on christmas, maybe? He’s really doing gods work with that. Otherwise, everything he stands for is completely unchristian. All he’s got going for him is that he holds himself out as a christian – no different than the Norweed. Fuck him.

Ok. There’s that. I’ll log off now and do some breathing exercises or something.

It’s a good thing that all the illnesses that afflict the poor can be cured by their few outdated appliances or else the country would have a moral obligation to provide them with adequate health care that they could afford. Whew!

I think the reason that “reporter” pronounced Bachmann’s name the way she did was because she couldn’t help but bleat and betray herself as Bachmann sheep. BAA!

Enjoyable, as always, great stuff, even the comments section here got a shout-out! The best part was when either the host or Sr. Gilmartin made such an incisive point about the nature of spirituality, saying that blah-blah-blah, I believe the quote was.
OK, it’s when Mike McCrae calls in, announcing “Jimmy Dore” – something is wrong with me to to that so much in my commuting car.

Hi jimmy

I got something special in the mail. Love the show, keep up the good work!


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