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The Jimmy Dore Show june 1, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show june 1, 2012

This Week:

Chris Matthews is a focus this week because he went on a tirade at a media convention where he claimed that stuff like the Iraq war

Chris Matthews goes off the rails.

wouldn’t happen today because we have 24/7 cable news. Well, we actually did a little checking and it turns out that there was cable news during the run up to the Iraq war.

And get this, Chris Matthews  actually had his own  show  on a cable news network during the run up to the Iraq war  too!     He says lots of other crazy stuff too, I mean CRAZY.  After hearing this you will wonder where exactly this guy gets the balls to make fun of Michele Bachman.

Trump: Looks credible.

Donald Trump: I used to  refer to  Donald Trump as Mike “The Situation” with money. But now  Mike “The Situation”  actually

does have money.  So I guess the only thing that separates them now is ….abs. We also  find out that Trump and Fredo have a lot in common.

Lizz WInstead: Looks Great.

Lizz Winstead was nice enough to talk with us. is the creator of “The Daily Show” and the author of the new book “Lizz Free or Die”, She writes of getting knocked up by her hockey player boyfriend in high school, spending a fortune on her dogs’ waste problems, and saying goodbye to her dying father with understated insight and, of course, humor—reminding us of its value as an antidote to both political and personal hardship.”

Plus Mike MacRae is on fire again this week with a great Mitt Romney Phone call written by Frank Coniff, and we talk with Ron Paul and Paula Dean!

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With Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff.

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So why don’t you make fun of Trumps noticeable New York accent when he says something stupid and nasty?


I had recorded a call where I made fun of his New York accent, but I didn’t think it was funny enough so I cut it. I get that you feel like we are making fun of southern accents and giving New Yorkers a pass, but trust me we are not. We are equal opportunity insulters.

Hey, enough with the dumb impressions already. I try to get into your show, but this retarded fandango of awful voices just about ruins it. Mark Mcgillicuddy or whatever can go jump in a lake. Fix your show, and get back to us! Am I right?

Chris: You are definitely in the minority on this one, I absolutely love the calls, they make us laugh out loud. There are plenty of dry and boring news shows out there, enjoy!

Thanks for going back to the “straight” Mike McCrae interviews. I was not a fan of the “behind the scenes” out of character talk. Love the Mike McCrae interviews but I’d say I agree with Chris *at times* that they go on too long. Maybe only fifteen minutes or so of celebrity interviews per show?

I really love the show and the interviews are a riot. I have only one complaint/suggestion. You are all funny and capable of thinking and talking on the fly. You prove it show after show. Please do away with reading the prepared jokes/comments (except, of course, at the show opening and phone calls). These prepared remarks seem so crow-barred in they momentarily derail the flow of the show. And the courtesy laughs, well, enough.

I love the calls. I also have been realizing I have been forgetting where I left off in going through all the podcasts from the newest page to page one. I just hope I didn’t miss any of them by accident. I love these and everybody in them.

I meant from page 1 to the last page. I am way to tired to be listening to this stuff now. It is 4:15am. I will never learn don’t type or read comments this early in the morning/late at night.