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The Jimmy Dore Show june 15, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show june 15, 2012

Jimmy Dore Show

This Week:

Americas favorite gangster, Jamie Dimon, was grilled by the Senate Banking Comitttee, and when I say “grilled” I mean they treated him like you would treat anyone who has bought you with him money. I'm not saying the bought and paid senators didn't do their jobs, I'm just saying that if they would've gone any easier on him they would've gotten gay married.

Jamie Dimon shows us his cufflinks that are worth more than your house.

Mitt Romney says that we don't need more cops, fireman, or teachers. In fact he says that the American people don't want them. Boy does this guy have his finger on the pulse or what? Yes, the people are in the streets clamoring for less teachers and more tax breaks for the wealthy.

Mike MacRae treats us to another swear fest as Mitt Romney in a hilarious sketch written by Frank Conniff. DRUNK Bill Oreilley calls in and tells us his “two Jews walk into a bar” joke that he heard from Nixon in a hysterical sketch written by Jim Earl.

Jim Earl further delights us with readings from his new laugh-out-loud book “Mourning Remembrances” which is full of funny obituaries of real dead people .

WIth Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Jim Earl, Steve Rosenfield

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Hi Jimmy,

As always, I loved the show, but wanted to say that Jamie Dimon is correct when he said that the banks don’t talk to each other any more. And do you know why? Because there are no banks left. They all have merged and there are five of six of them left. Who can you talk to? Makes you wonder if the anti-trust laws just mean that you should not trust them.

And – what a coincidence – did you know that Sarah Palin also made an obituary book? Sadly, only two entries: the Alaskan trooper she was imPaling (left blank – I guess it is an equivalent of depositing a horse’s head in your bed) and Paul Revere. She said for Paul Revere: “He was a great man and if it were not for him, we would all be speaking English.”.

Keep up the good work!

I listened to the hidden part of the show it was awesome. Thank you for these awesomely ha bisky podcasts.