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The Jimmy Dore Show June 9, 2011

Jimmy Dore Show - June 9, 2011

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This Week:

With Frank Conniff, Steve RosenField ,David Feldman, Mike MaCrae

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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This show is a real keeper. Lots of good call-ins. Moron must have forgotten the number, missed by all.
Regarding twitter pictures. For those who have lived in a cave for the past 20 years when it comes to the human anatomy you can find high definition, vivid, pictures of anything you can imagine on the Internet. The congressmen posted some fuzzy examples of himself on twitter, so what? Wars, double dip recession, unemployment, debt limit, Medicare, and social security suddenly take a back seat since Andrew Breitfart has an agenda. Who in the hell put this thin skinned a-hole in charge?

Aw, dude, you fucked us on the last CAEE! Todd is cool and all but if I wanted to hear that old episode I would go to the show archives without you shoving it down my throat like affordable health care. You are hilarious and much less of an asshole now that Stef is in the picture. Shitting in a Hilton hot tub when someone else is using it was taking comedy too far. But I still love ya, buddy.

It’s not so much that only men are sexually adventurous to the point of self-damage or stupidity (you guys need to get Stef and and perhaps also some other women on mic a bit more often…), it’s more that successful politicians feel both entitled and furtive, and those two urges are constantly at war.

THis weeks Comedy & Everything Else has a good discussion about Weiner with Paul F Tompkins and STEF!! You ask and it is delivered!

Mike MaCrae is a friggin phenomenon. His voices are amazing. He’s a great impressionist in that he captures the essence of the personality of the person as well as the qualities of their voice. This week’s Morgan Freeman was awesome. He deserves to become a huge star.

I’d love to hear an interview with him on CAEE sometime.

Thanks Jimmy

The Weiner stuff is not Newsworthy. It shows bad PERSONAL judgment. Weiner is a congressman, as long as he is doing his job and representing the POLITICAL inhterests of his constituants I don’t care how many pictures of his penis he texts.

Mike Macrae is my favorite impressionist and an all around hilarious guy, we are delighted to have him on board.

Mr Duke, I say we leave sex out of politics too.