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Dear Jimmy,
I got so disgusted w sirius because they have been taking anyone who doesn’t kiss Obama’s ass off of sirius left.
So I found your comedy and everything else podcasts only recently because the damn Sirius subscription costs so fucking much and I forced myself to listen until I couldn’t take it anymore. I have listened to several of your shows now and I am hooked!
Not only have I found people who think about the world like I do or in a way I can appreciate, but you, Stephanie and the guests are fucking hilarious.
I was crying during your analysis of the bachelor and I have never watched it.
Stephanie kills me w her sobbing bimbo routine.
How come Howard Stern makes so fucking much money when I have never laughed so hard at anything he’s done?
I am going to donate and most people who listen to a couple of shows will donate too if they aren’t republican assholes.

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