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The JImmy Dore Show march 29, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show march 29,2012

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Pastor Dennis Terry & Rick Santorum want you to leave America

Bernie Goldberg is the hard nosed reporter who wrote the book “The 100 People That Are Screwing Up America”. In which Bernie  included people like Barbara Streisand, but  failed to include anyone responsible for the illegal Iraq war. Nor did any of the War Criminals that ordered torture, make it in,  and not  even one Wall Street banker made the book.  So we know he’s a got a good detective’s eye.

Well Bernie and Bill Oreilley spend some quality time trying to confuse the Trayvon Martin case for their own viewers.  They’re the kind of dumb guys that can’t understand why this killing is causing such a stir.  They pretend that the only reason this killing is getting attention is because Zimmerman was white and Trayvon was black, leaving out the part about the the police knowingly letting the

Bernie Godlberg: Worlds worst detective

killer go free, you know, the important part. It is some of the best race baiting I have seen on Fox since way back in the middle of last week.

Bill Oreilley calls in to defend himself hilariously, and we get a call from our old pal Herman Cain, and if it was possible Herman got even funnier!  Plus Tuesdays with Moron is back and he has figured out the real reason the Trayvon Martin case is getting so much attention.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Robert Yasumura, Paul Gilmartin

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In this episode, Paul (and Robert?) confidently claim that the Affordable Care Act is Unconstitutional.

In fact the right-wing judges who might agree with Paul will be going against decades of legal precedent!

“…the vast majority of legal experts and law professors believe that this is constitutional. Even conservative thinkers early on said they didn’t think this [argument] had much of a chance…” – (On The Media 3/30/12, Josh Gerstein)

That episode of On The Media has a particularly good piece about this — specifically the media’s role in convincing people of this (formerly) fringe legal argument.

PS Frank Rules!

Well, Paul isn’t a Constitutional scholar. I do know for a fact that he deeply cares for people having access to healthcare though. On his Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast this week he talked about a woman who sent him an email while she was having a panic attack, and he remarked that he wasn’t very proud of living somewhere where access to a therapist is so expensive and complicated that people like her feel like it’s out of their reach. I’m sure he cares about the same thing as you do more than mincing words in the Constitution.

Ranger: Thanks for the heads-up on that, and for the link! As far as I know none of us had been to law school not lawyers, so any help you can offer is always appreciated.

Dean: Paul always comes from a good place and is very conscientious about getting things right, thanks for noticing.

I suppose the irony of the Detroit baby death being caused by an AK-47, which used to be a banned assault weapon, is also lost on the king of missing the point, Goldberg.

Hey Jimmy and Co. I just wanted to tack on to what Ragnar said with a quick example. I haven’t listened to the ‘On The Media’ clip so I hope I’m not repeating anything.

The mandate is clearly constitutional. The government is charging a penalty for something it’s encouraging (but not forcing) you to do. Think of it in terms of tax incentives and credits. If the government is giving a tax credit to households that install solar panels, it is penalizing all of those who *don’t* install the panels by making them pay higher taxes. Both transactions are essentially the same and both are constitutional.

I hope that’s helpful. Love the show!

i love your show! everyone is hilarious and incisive and the impressions are insane! i also appreciate how well executed it is, which must be hard to pull off, but makes the hour fly by. there’s a therapeutic value to your show, because the subject matter you discuss usually leaves people pissed off and disheartened. you guys help break through that and that’s probably why i couldn’t wait to hear it on the radio each week. now i live in thailand and i’ll continue to listen weekly. thank you guys and good luck with everything.

In Goldberg’s example, a black guy shot a black kid by accident, in the Zimmerman case, a white guy shot a black guy on purpose, SEEMS A LITTLE DIFFERENT TO ME. And by the way, the Civil Rights leader ARE up in arms about gang violence, and are actually trying to do something about it unlike right wing asshats who just mouth off to their pals at Klan meetings.

David: Never thought about that, of course!

Comrade: Thanks for the info!

Ivan: Glad to know that we are keeping you laughing in Thailand!

Duke: Good points!