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The Jimmy Dore Show March 31, 2011

Jimmy Dore Show - March 31, 2011

This week on the Jimmy Dore Show:

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Hey Jimmy,

Loved the show as always! But stop saying we are in a war in three Arab countries. Afghanistan has a large number of ethnic groups, none of which are Arab. This matters quite a bit.


Hey Jimmy! Thanks for the free tickets to POP & POLITICS, can’t wait for your show tonight. I was so excited that I won and I was talking to you I forgot to say Thank you lol. I know it will be great just like your radio show! See you tonight.


Jimmy is right on about going into Libya for oil. The U.S. does not invade North Korea no matter what they do. No oil, no ore, means no war.

According to the US Energy Information agency we get about .4% of our oil imports from Libya. Not 4%, .4% or 1/250th. So do you really think Libyan oil is the reason for our intervention? If anything it provides an excuse for OPEC to raise oil prices even more. Also we have only recently found significant ore stockpiles in Afghanistan, and have never sought petroleum from there, so that can’t be used as a reason for the war in Afghanistan, leaving the premise on thin ice.

FRom todays BBC:
Oil has hit a new two-and-a-half year high on strong US jobs data and worries about the situation in Libya.

Libya’s “sweet” crude oil cannot be easily replaced in the production of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, particularly by the many European and Asian refineries that are not equipped to refine “sour” crude, which is higher in sulfur content.

Glad to be able to clear things up for you!


So if oil prices go up when we attack, doesn’t that seem contrary to our interests? Quadaffi might not be a good guy, but he kept the oil flowing just fine. The NY Times article states that much of the oil production was in the East, where rebels have disrupted that production. It seems like we would back the Regime and not the rebels if we wanted cheaper oil. We regularly do business with oppressive regimes to achieve the same goal, i.e. Saudi Arabia. And yes, Steve, North Korea has little or nothing to offer in the way of resources, but I suspect their close ties with China (and our massive debt to that country) is a better reason to not invade and start a war with the world’s 2nd largest military (in numbers, behind India).

Yes oil prices have gone up because of Libyan unrest, but saying that’s why we invaded just doesn’t make sense. We want cheap oil, not unrest and limited production. The blood for oil argument is bandied about quite often, but it doesn’t really add up > .
As it turns out, less than 1% of our oil comes from hostile Middle Eastern nations.

Hi Jimmy,

Just as an aside on this episode; when you mentioned that Obama signed a secret order to put boots on the ground in support of Libyian rebels around the same time he was promising not to, you implied something that is not correct. The “boots” he promised not to put on the ground were military types; i.e. no soldiers fighting. The “boots” he did put on the ground were CIA agents asessing the strength, composition, and disposition of the rebel fighters. Big, big difference.

The way you stated it, made it sound like Obama made an outright lie, but the reality is that (unless I’m mistaken) he still hasn’t broken his promise on this front. Just wanted to clear that up as when I first heard it, I had a very strong reaction to it and if I had not looked it up I would have spread that false idea around.

Well, thanks for making a great show and keep up the good work.


Hey Michael,
Sorry for the confusion, I was playing a clip of a talking head reading from a Reuters news story about President Obama signing a “secret order” that would allow for U.S government personal to be on the ground in Libya. Turns out that means CIA for now, as far as we know. Meet the new boss, same as …..

No worries, thanks Jimmy!


I love Moron’s wife in the background. It’s right from Todd glass standup “ask them if they can reverse the injuries!”

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