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The Jimmy Dore Show march 9, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show march 9,2012

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This Week:

Rush Limbaugh has a problem with Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law Student who testified to congress, and decided to call here a “Slut” and a “prostitute”. Rush recognized that his rhetoric had crossed the line so he immediately attacked her another 54 times over the next three days.

After his advertisers started jumping ship, Rush stepped up and courageously gave a phony apology, proving the old axiom “No man stands taller than when he insincerely apologizes to stop a money drain”.

Media "Watchdog" Howard Kurtz

Howard Kurtz is the host of Reliable Sources on CNN, it is a show that takes a look at how the media is handling the news. Howard is sort of watchdog of the the media, the only problem is that he is very bad at his job.   Howard Kurtz is the kind of watchdog that attacks the mailman instead of the armed robber.

He makes the false equivalency of Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a cunt and Rush Limbaugh attacking a college student for three days. We explain to Howard that when ridicule is aimed at the powerful it is called “Comedy”, when ridicule is aimed at the powerless it is called “Bullying”.

Benjamin Netanyahu calls in to let us know that war with Iran is not up to the United States. Just because America doesn’t want to go to war again in the Middle east, it really doesn’t matter. And if you disagree with BeBe, then you are, of course, and anti-semite!.

Bill Oreilley calls into to defend Rush Limbaugh and impune women everywhere. He tells of how he used to relax with hookers when traveling in asia.

Andrew Breitbart calls in from hell to complain about the inefficiency and laziness  of the union bloodsuckers down there.

The hilarious opening song “Oops” was performed by Henry Phillips.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin.

Andrew Brietbart: "Crazy Man" or just an asshole?

He's Hilarious!

Benjamin Netanyahu calls in to scare us again

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Jimmy! I love this show. It’s so FUCKING good. I’ve been on-board since the beginning. When I do use Amazon, I go through your link, but I’m pretty broke these days. The minute I have some extra money, it’s yours. But what else can I do to support you? I’ve written Bill Maher several times and demanded he have you on the panel. I want to get you on TV, somewhere where they won’t interfere too much with your content, but where you get paid the amount of money you deserve. Your show is so tight, so well produced. People need to watch it nationally. So, what can I do?

Thanks Jimmy! Great show! Although, I think you’re teasing me showing love for David Frum. He’s not a good guy.

Great Pat Robertson segment. You know where else people don’t pray enough? Virginia Beach, VA. They get tornadoes, hurricanes and the occasional earthquake. Why would anyone live there?

That’s what they get for being the home to Regent University, and it’s founder, Pat Robertson.

You’re funny & all but stop shitting on ron paul…he never said anything about witch burning, and these dopes who listen to you might think he did. BURRRRR

Jimmy Jam!

If you have Benjamin Netanyahu on the show again, can you bring up the other words they like to throw around, “Existential Threat”? Maybe point out that Ahmadinejad did not threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Translation: Wipe Israel off the Map, Part 1

Translation: Wipe Israel off the Map, Part 2

Those links are just to show the controversy. I think its pretty easy to do your own research or just get someone you trust to translate the original words for you.

It would be nice if we got some light on this drummed lie for war. Its important to speak the truth on this, cause its repeated everywhere. Even the lesbian Chris Hayes and his guests are pushing this garbage.
@10min mark

Thanks buddy.

Hope to see you on more TYT. How about host the point. I know you wouldn’t fuck up like they did with the question from “the Amazing Atheist”. I was wondering why Amazing was so hostile when he asked his question, but I guess he new how incompetent the panel was. That’s a little harsh. I didn’t mind the host before this. I thought the show with Paul Gilmartin was fine (Paul Gilmartin was awesome! Still thinking about his reasoning for religion as need to fit in.)

The problems with the first past the post voting system are interesting. I wish the panel was more informed on the subject. Here are some good overview videos, if anyone is interested.

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained
Other voting subjects are covered in that playlist as well.

Thanks again for the show Jimmy. Great job, keep them coming.

Your fan,

Did you guys ever stop to think that all of Rush’s advertisers
were just waiting for one to pull out so that many of them could use the excuse. That’s the impression I get. And you are all right, as a political junkie I already know what your gonna talk about, but it is very funny hearing Paul’s reaction
to some of the clips you play. Funny as always!

Oh come on. Why?

Oops never mind. Sorry, my mistake.

Did you hear?Mitt Romney got the coveted Jeff Foxworthy endoresement! You might be a redneck if you care.

Thanks for mentioning who performed the opening song. I’ve often wondered who that was. I clicked through to Henry Phillips’ page on CD Baby, but the version of “Oops” on there seems to be a cleaned up studio version. Do you know if he has any live recordings available?

Hey Josh, I only know of his CDBaby page, sorry.